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Check Out These Zombocalypse Cheat Codes

Updated on May 15, 2015

Zombocalypse Cheats

Are you looking for cheats for the online computer game Zombocalypse, because if you are then you can check out some Zombocalypse cheats right here. Finally you will be able to unlock all of the achievements weapons as well as all of the characters. If you want to find out what the cheats are, then continue to read.

List Of Zombocalypse Cheats

Below is a list of Zombocalypse cheats you can use, as well as what these cheats will allow you to do.

Doom- This cheat code allows you to equip the MFG. You can only use this cheat code once per round.

Pantheon- This allows you to equip the God's Hand sword, a very powerful weapon. Once again you can only use this cheat code once per round.

I Am Legend- This cheat code allows you to start off with 3,000 zombies under the belt, but you will gain no experience once you complete the round.

Valkyrie- This is one of the best cheat codes for Zombocalypse, as it allows you to call in the chopper.

Rambo- If you want the minigun, then use this cheat code. This can only be used once per round.

Adrenaline- If you have played Zombocalypse without cheat codes, then you will really like this cheat code. Use this Zombocalypse cheat code to refill your health. This code can only be used once per round.

Super Saiyan- If you want 3,000 experience points, then use this cheat code for Zombocalypse. This cheat code can only be used once per game, not once per round, so you will want to use this cheat code wisely.

How To Enter Zombocalypse Cheats

Entering Zombocalypse cheats is easy. When the game begins and you are playing it, just hit the pause button, which is the Shift button if you're playing on a PC. When the game is paused you should see a red skull in the upper right corner. Click the red skull, and then enter the code you want to use and hit activate. If the code is successfully typed in, then it will say that it has been activated.

And that folks is how you enter cheats on Zombocalypse. Enjoy.


If you use the above cheats wisely, then you should be able to acquire all of the achievements characters and weapons quite easily. However, a good tip to follow is to use the cheat code for the chopper very wisely as well as the cheat code for God's Hand, because these are the two most powerful items that will help you get very far in the game. Enjoy.


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    • profile image

      Seth 2 months ago

      pantheon only works once per game

    • profile image

      your are all dumbasses 22 months ago

      you are the stupidest people ever!!!! it says how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Jakeirre hill 23 months ago

      this is tHA BEST GAME

    • profile image

      nick 23 months ago

      the cheats didn't work

    • profile image

      case 24 months ago

      nahh once per round dumbass

    • profile image

      hom 2 years ago

      pantheon worked only once for me

    • profile image

      bod 2 years ago

      the cheat codes are awsome

    • profile image

      ghjghjg 2 years ago


    • profile image

      triston 2 years ago

      that does not work

    • profile image

      bob 2 years ago

      anywhere i heard

    • profile image

      Jackson 2 years ago

      Where do you type these codes

    • profile image

      TROD32 3 years ago

      GOOD JOB

    • profile image

      shril rapid 3 years ago

      how to active cheats; go on to the game as if ur playing it. then press shift the go onto the skull and then type in the cheat in the bar

    • profile image

      Dag 3 years ago

      How do you type in these codes

    • profile image

      hutyy 4 years ago


    • profile image

      ojfvdegt6f7hed7rtq7 4 years ago

      what some cheat codes

    • profile image

      desmond 4 years ago

      wat is the name or how do u get in cheat mode

    • profile image

      tobyturner 4 years ago

      can you make lol's cheat work please

    • profile image

      lol 4 years ago

      it is youed once a game

    • profile image

      lol 4 years ago

      this cheat will make you invisiable it is :you can't hurt this