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Chest Freezer Kegerator Conversion

Updated on June 5, 2011

Is it hard to do a Chest Freezer Kegerator Conversion?

Standard kegerators are great, but they are limited in their capacity when compared to a chest freezer conversion. Building one is almost exactly the same process as building any other kegerator. With a larger chest freezer kegerator, let's call it a keezer, you get a lot more space for different kegs and different options for guests.

You can set up multiple taps very easily and, if done right, without damaging the freezer unit. You may change some of the small details, but the process for construction a keezer is going to be basically the same for every unit.

The first of the essentials you will want is a temperature controller. Since you're working with a freezer and not a fridge, it is important that you properly attach the sensor so that it is in the air inside and not touching the interior walls. If the sensor is resting on a keg or interior wall, it may throw off the readings and cause the temperature of your kegs to change unfavorably.

You will also need a CO2 tank and a regulator just as you would with any other kegerator. You will also have the option of multiple gas lines which will allow you to run a high pressure line in case you need to quick pressurize a keg.

While most people don't want to do this, it is nice to have in case you need to swap out a keg in the middle of a function. The last things you will need are the lines, faucets, taps and handles.

Building the freezer will depend upon your instructions. However, there is something that might not be in the instructions which will give you a lot more space and usability.

Since you will want a place inside to mount all of your hardware, it is a good idea to space out the lid and body with some wood boards. These boards let you mount your hoses and drill holes through the keezer for the beer lines without damaging the freezer itself. If you were to punch holes in the freezer, the unit might lose some of its ability to stay cold.

This means you get a lot more practicality out of the unit, but your choice of wood can also add some nice detail. When you have everything attached, you can simply mount the lid directly to the runners.

There is not a standard cost for building a kegerator or keezer since they all contain different parts for different people. However, buying a bigger unit will obviously cost a bit more on average. You could find a big 20 cubic foot unit for cheap if you shop around at places like Craigslist.

If you have a smaller budget, you can always get a smaller unit. Considering that a pre-made kegerator can cost well over a thousand dollars, you can definitely get your money out of building your own kegerator or keezer.

If a kegerator just doesn't give you enough keg options, you can always expand your project to a chest freezer and get the extra room you want. It's just as easy as building a regular kegerator and only requires some power tools and a little elbow grease, meaning that if you can follow the instructions in a conversion kit or the information you find online you can have a running keezer in no time at all.

Kegerator? Whats that?

Had you ever heard of a kegerator before seeing this Hub?

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Article of Standard kegerators are great. It gives us great advice and its lot more space for different kegs and different options for guests.

    • profile image

      John Matt 

      8 years ago

      Normal kegerators are great, but still they don't match up to my requirements as their less capacity that's why i was looking for the chest freezer kegerators. Thanks for sharing such info.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Awesome hub !! that's really great . shows you our research It's just as easy as building a regular kegerator and only requires some power tools and a little elbow grease


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