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Child Learning Toys

Updated on October 30, 2010

Child Learning Toys – Advantages They Give Your Child

Many people would have you believe that your child doesn’t really start learning until they are school age. And, now some are promoting pre-school education.

But, I’m here to tell you, as many parents have learned, your child starts learning way before this time. And, studies have shown that pre-school education and quality of child care have positive and lasting effects on cognitive and attention skills. In addition, these children have shown to have improved social skills.

Knowledge is something that "no one" can take away from your child. They may lose their job at some point in life but with knowledge they can easily re-build.

Educators are also learning that the more “fun” you make learning the more the child is going to learn and retain.

Obviously, as a mom or dad you can spend some time teaching your child but there are other things in life that take a lot of your time, like a job which allows you to put food on the table for your child as well.


Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home

We were in the same predicament, so I began to research educational toys for children. 


For small children I found that their seemed to be a leader that stood out when it came to not only, entertaining the child as well as teaching them, but one that the child loved to play with alone, or with others, for hours. 


Based on the reviews of a lot of parents, children just absolutely fall in love with these learning toys.


The Fun Bananagrams Word Game
The Fun Bananagrams Word Game

For older children we have found a word game that is sooo much fun and really entertains even those who don’t like school that much. It is quick and easy to play and really helps improve their vocabulary.

Because this same game is so easy to play and transport it has also been a big hit for the handicapped. Handicapped children report that they really like it because it is something they can do and compete with other children on an equal level and it is so much better than just sitting around watching TV with their friends.

This is also a great gift item. Give it to your school, church, your child's friends, the elderly in a retirement home, your own grandparents, angel tree gift item, christmas stocking stuffers and birthday gifts, just to name a few.


Taking time to get your child a head start at an early age will pay off so much for them later in life, when you can’t always be there to take care of them.




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