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Thematic Philately: Children's Day Stamps of India

Updated on December 17, 2013

14th November is celebrated as Children's Day in India. The day is celebrated in all the schools, related departments of Central and State Governments and also in families having children.

Every year, India Post issues one or more special postage stamps on this day.Here is a brief history of Children's Day Stamps of India.

Jawaharlal Nehru and Children's Day

Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India was born on 14th November 1889. His Birthday is celebrated as Children's Day in India, as he was very popular amongst the children in India and was popularly known as Chaha Nehru i.e. Uncle Nehru amongst them. This day is known as Baal Divas in Hindi.

Children's Day Stamp of India, issued in 1957
Children's Day Stamp of India, issued in 1957 | Source

First Children's Day Stamp

In 1957, India Post issued a series of three postage stamps on occasion of Children's Day. First of the stamp was depicting a boy eating a Banana. This was a single color stamp, printed in pink shade. The price of the stamp was 8 Paisa. The stamp was created from a candid photograph of a 8 year boy Shekhar Borker. The photograph was selected from 10000 entries. The number of the stamps issued was 32 Millions. Along with this stamp, two more stamps were issued.

In 2007, on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the first Children's Day stamp, Shekhar Borker was honored by Post Master General of India Raghav Lal by handing over Children's Day Stamps issued in 2007. An interesting thing is that Raghav Lal was in the same school where Shekhar Borker studied, and was junior to Shekhar.

Shekhar became famous as 'Banana Boy' after the stamp was issued.

First multicolor Children's Day Stamp
First multicolor Children's Day Stamp | Source

First Multicolor Stamp

Until 1966, the Children's Day stamps were created using a photograph. in 1971, instead of using a photograph, India Post started to use drawings and paintings by children, selected from all over India.

Until 1971 the stamps were printed in single color. From 1973, India Post started to issue multicolor stamps. The painting used for 1973 Children's Day stamp was by a school girl Bela Rawal.

Children's Day Stamps
Children's Day Stamps | Source

Design a Stamp Competition

India Post Organizes 'Design a Stamp Competition' for School children. The competition is organized on national level and hundreds of thousands of school children from every corner of India take part in it. A theme is given and the competitors and they have to design it in ink, watercolor or oil paint. Winning design is selected to depict on Children's Day stamp. The competition is open for the student of Standard IV to Standard XII, and is divided in 3 groups.

Many stamp collectors like to specialize themselves in a specific theme. Gandhi stamps is one of the most popular theme in the collectors of stamps. Now Children's day stamps also have become a popular theme amongst the collectors. It is notable thing that India post has issued a large number of stamps on both the themes.

Stamps on this theme are displayed in most of the philatelic exhibitions in India.

I myself had a collection of Children's day stamps in my school days.

© 2013 Mahaveer Sanglikar


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  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

    What a great way to honor children. I do love the stamp with the children sitting on the moon. I am not sure our country has stamps to commemorate children, very interesting.

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Children's Day Stamps of India are very pretty

  • Ericdierker profile image

    Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

    How wonderful, thank you for sharing this very cool idea.

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

    I love the spirit behind this day designation. Wonderful thoughts; thank you for this.