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Children's Garden Tools - Get Kids Started Gardening with Their Own Set of Garden Tools

Updated on January 18, 2017

Kids in the Garden

If your children are like ours, they love to hang out in the garden and help. This is especially true when our little ones were at the ages of 2 through 5, where they still love being around mommy and daddy! They are into everything, and want nothing more than to help planting or digging. They will even help weed sometimes if the soil is moist enough so the weed comes out easily, and of course the joy of the harvest is the big payoff for them. It helps if you plant something that can be picked and enjoyed right in the garden, be it strawberries or growing tomatoes. Another favorite is radishes simply because they grow so fast. Children can also hone their gardening "skills" around a playhouse in your backyard - real-life playing house!

Chidrens Garden Tool Sets

Children's little hands aren't made to handle the usual garden tools that adults use. When they are little we give them small utensils to eat with; same thing with the garden tools. Adult sized tools are too big and weigh too much. Fortunately, there are a number of products made just for young children.

For the very young say 2 year olds, plastic tools are fine. But, as they get older and want to really perform the digging process, you need something more sturdy so partial metal or wood handled tools should be your choice. If your plan is for your child to just use them in the sandbox, then plastic will do.

Another thing that is fun to do with the kids is to put plant markers out. You can keep the seed packages and tape the picture to the marker so they know what to look for as the seedlings emerge from the ground. When they are a little older, they can write the crop on the marker - it's a great way for them to be involved.

The basic tools that should come with a garden tool set are a trowel, a mini rake and a hoe. Many of these sets come with a cloth or canvas carrier, and the Toysmith set has a sprinkler can as well.

For slightly older kids, you can find some that have handles a little longer than 2 feet and these make it perfect so they aren't bending over with the younger kids tool size.

Garden Tools For the Older Kids

As your kids get a little bigger, they may want toy garden tools that demand a little more from them. One tool that the older kids love is a wheelbarrow, sized just for them. Or maybe something like a toy lawn mower. Make sure you get one that has the details right, smooth finish on the handle, rolled corners on the metal work. This can be handy for holding all sorts of things, even for the adults at times! And if your child grows out of his wagon or wheelbarrow, use it for a planter in your garden - that's what I have done!

You can find a one of these from John Deere, with the classic Deere colors to match your other lawn and garden (or farm) equipment.

The Joy of Gardening with Kids

Some adults feel the need to wear gloves when working in the garden. Others revel in the feel and smell of the garden soil. More than likely you will transmit your preference to your kids as you work side by side in the garden. If you prefer gloves for your children you'll be glad to know you can find lots of gloves in children's sizes, in a variety of styles.

The most important thing to keep in mind in all this is to be sure your kids experience the things you do in the garden, the quiet peace of working with nature, the respect for the great gift and the fraility of life that demands our respect. Gardening with your children often creates some "teachable moments" where they are open to your wisdom, which only makes it that much more rewarding.

Introduce you children to gardening. If they get the gardening bug, it will be with them for life.


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    • Plantastic profile image

      Plantastic 6 years ago

      I love the TickleMe Plant Greenhouse that I found on in it you can grow a real house plant that moves and closes its leaves when Tickled!

    • Outdoor Toys profile image

      Olaf 8 years ago from The Netherlands

      Most children I know like to jump on a garden trampoline ;)

    • abinavis profile image

      abinavis 9 years ago from Bat Island

      Hi John,

      Your advice looks great for parents who want involve their kids together spending the time hanging out in the garden with some children tools they use. The important thing is such king of tools should be save for them especially for younger kids. The idea of segmenting the tools for younger and older kids are really good.


    • pjdscott profile image

      pjdscott 10 years ago from Durham, UK

      A great hub John! It is also a very good way for children to expend energy, yet do something very constructive and satisfying.

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 10 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      John! I have several sets of childrens gardening tools for when my granddaughters come for a visit. They put their 10 minutes in happily, although the harvesting and snacking is much more to their liking.

      Great hub regards Zsuzsy

    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 10 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      How fun! I have 8 hands that should get out and help me! :-)

    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 10 years ago from Connecticut

      Very helpful advice! Great hub :)