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Childrens & Kids Electric Ride on / Rideable Cars for Boys and Girls For Sale.

Updated on October 11, 2013

Childrens Electric Ride On Cars, automobiles and vehicles.

Children love the thrill of ride on cars, the thought of being grown up like mummy and daddy, riding their own electric bike or car. Electric powered cars and other vehicles are the pinnacle of a kids life, and make excellent Christmas gift ideas.

The expression on a child's face when they see the size of the box or wrapped present they have got, is priceless, and they haven't even see what it is yet.

Giving an excited and adventurous child a toy, that they can ride on, whether it is a motor bike, a car or a little princess-mobile, is one of the best presents that they could receive.

It's like a getting a new lease of life, they can go off on their own little adventure in your garden.

Power Wheels

For up to 4 years.

A simple and inexpensive ride on automobile for one child. Rugged plastic tyres suitable for off roading and a lift-able bonnet to view a realistic engine.

As a first ride on car, this model is quite good with a full charge lasting a bit longer than a larger model.

Sporty RC Car

Remote Controlled for Parental Superivision

This silver sporty remote control vehicle is perfect for the would-be racer. Parental remote control allows mum or dad to take their children for a spin from their favorite armchair.

Or during shopping trips it can be used to meander through the crowds.

Click on the small image to view full selection and discounts available.

Music can be played through an MP3 player attachment inside the car. The automobile can travel up to 2 mph and is perfect for children up to 6 years old.

The kids can drive this RC vehicle themselves via the stop and go pedals inside the car.

Pink Ride On Girls Car

Perfection in Motion

This flash girls RC car is a lovely machine which every girl would love.

A remote control for parental supervision is supplied, and music can be played in the car through an MP3 player. Front headlights are powered from a dynamo and comes with a seatbelt.

Designed for ages between 3 - 6 years and a weight limit of 66lbs.

Dune Racer

Twin Rideable Electric Car

This nippy little dune buggy is an excellent choice as a Birthday or Christmas gift. Fits two children comfortably and comes with dual seat belts.

Top speed is an impressive 2.5 mph and in reverse its again 2.5 mph, which is more than the top speed of most ride on childrens electric powered cars in forward gears.

A brilliant make, made robustly to withstand boisterous children and designed to turn heads if played with in the street.

Click on the smaller image to view full selection available.

The Fararri

The Ultimate Sports Car

The Ferrari is the car of dreams. The electric rideable Ferrari for children is a head turner. Designed on the Ferrari F430, this beauty comes with parental remote control for 100% parental control.

Working lights and indicators, fitted seat belt, and an MP3 player connection for them to blast the tunes out.

Play cops and robbers, run over their brothers, but they will be playing outside, like children are meant to, not stuck inside brainwashing themselves on computer games.

With an electric car or bike, it also helps them to share as they will need someone to play a policeman directing traffic, or just to sit in with them.

Office use only

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