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Choice American Flyer Trains and Marx Trains Collectibles

Updated on March 12, 2011

Introduction to the American Flyer Trains and Marx Trains

American Flyer Trains and Marx Trains brought out some of the nicest collectibles and accessories for its fans and aficionados. Nowadays, the demand for these products has fallen quite considerably. But for those model railroad and train connoisseurs still going strong, I am creating this article.

Now, I am sure that anyone who is reading this is very very familiar with the history of both those products and the companies that created them. I am sure that you guys have large rooms filled with all sorts of great collectibles and care for them immensely. So, in this article I will not rehash some of the old information for you. Suffice it to say that both the American Flyer Trains and Marx Trains are legendary and collecting them is an art, a science and a passion.

This is my tribute to both the American Flyer Trains and the Marx Trains brands but most of all; it is for the aficionados, the fans that love these trains.

Because I like to write in bullet points, I will give some quick points on both these trains.

American Flyer Trains

  • American Flyer Trains are synonymous with the world famous and nostalgia inducing S Gauge trains
  • American Flyer Trains were sold under the Edmonds-Metzel brand name until 1908
  • The American Flyer was also called the Chicago Flyer
  • The first “O gauge” Electric model train was introduced to the market in 1918
  • Began competing with the Lionel Corps Wide Gauge market in 1925
  • Truly Historical Trains that come with neat accessories that every real fan should own.

Marx Trains

  • Marx Trains were manufactured by the Louis Marx Company
  • Louis Marx & Co. were in business between 1919-1978
  • The company was sold to Quaker Oats In 1978
  • Famous for the Marx #666 Locomotive Trains
  • Marx Trains are considered to be some of the truly historical and beautiful trains ever produced

American Flyer Trains and Marx Trains Collectibles

The Internet has been a boon for train aficionados all over the world because it makes the buying, selling and trading of collectibles very easy. So if you are a model railroad fan or you know someone who is, please check out these incredible collectibles, accessories and products related to both American Flyer Trains and Marx Trains


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    • dabeaner profile image

      dabeaner 7 years ago from Nibiru

      My first toy train was a Marx. 027 gauge. It was a low-end "entry" train set, but to me it was fabulous. I ran that thing round and round for hours. And it had a headlight so you could also watch it in the dark.