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Choosing Pokemon Black Or White

Updated on June 1, 2011
Pokemon Black White
Pokemon Black White

Choosing Pokemon Black Or White

Legendary Pokemon

The most obvious difference is of course the Legendary. If you buy Pokemon black you get the more fluffy looking white color Reshiram which is dragon and fire. If you get Pokemon White you’ll get the darker looking Zekrom.

The difference between the two is mainly in aesthetics as you legendaries are usually banned from tournaments, offline or online. Zekrom is a dragon and electric which can be rather useful if you’re dueling with a friend.

It does not appear that Nintendo will release a Pokemon Gray for now. You can capture Kyurem (dragon/ice and third of the tao trio) in both versions. The version stars come at lvl 50 and Kyurem at lvl 75.

Notable Pokemon available for each version:

Black gets the weedle family and White the caterpie family (Beedrill and Butterfree final evolutions respectively)

Black gets Houndour while White gets Poochyena, Black gets Murkrow while White gets Misdreavus. Pluslie is in black and Minun naturally in white.

Tornadus comes in black and Thundurus in White.


For the final gym battle the version you have will decide the gym leader that you face. They both use the same pokemon at the same levels so it might not really make that much of a difference.

Mechanics differences:

There are more rotation battles in black than in white and more triple battles in white than in black. But in both versions you get to try both forms of game battle mechanic!

A triple battle has 3 pokemon facing off against 3 pokemon with range constraints. A rotation battle is more like playing roulette. Your pokemon attacks one by one in rotation as compared to the triple tag team pokemon battles.

For example, in the final gym leader’s city there is a house with the battles appropriate for this type. If you buy White there will be two triple battle trainers.

When playing white, I only met my first Rotation trainer after the main game was completed at about the 18 hour mark. That rotation trainer threw out 3 lvl 65 pokemon and certainly was quite a handful.

pokemon black city white forest
pokemon black city white forest

Special areas unique to each version:

Pokemon Black gets the Black city which allows you to buy items, whereas Pokemon white has the white forest that has wild pokemon for you to catch. If you’re more of a pokemon collector you may have an easier time in pokemon white but if you’re looking for items to improve your gameplay then you may have a better time in the black city of pokemon black. It also comes with a pokecenter. After all you can always trade over the White forest pokemons through wifi.

The white forest can make for one of the easier ways to get Bagon and evolve it into Garchomp without trading. This might be useful if you will be in an area without wi-fi internet for a while. Then again, you can’t trade with the past versions of Nintendo DS pokemon until you have completed the game at least once by defeating N and the final boss of the first play through.

After you complete the game once, you also get to face the elite and the champions again at level 70+. Cynthia also makes a guest appearance and within one week of the game coming out someone defeated her with 6 level 1 pokemons!


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