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Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Under $10

Updated on March 31, 2011

Great Gifts for Kids Under $10

Now that Christmas is coming up it's time to prepare the stockings and it can be nerve racking trying to find that special gift to put in the stocking. Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for under $10. This will range from girl toys to boy toys and all these are favorite picks from surveys, and people I have talked to. I hope it helps you pick out some hard to find, hard to find for gifts.

Monster Jams Monster Truck

These gifts are perfect for little ones and toddlers especially the ones who love trucks or even better monster trucks.  These trucks are made by monster Jam and are k'nex.  This set comes with over 30 parts, including a build able body shell that works within the K'NEX system. There is also working suspension, big, chunky tires and a K'NEX man driver! Authentic logos and graphics recreate the look of Blue Thunder. Once built, the truck represents 1:43 scale and performs like the real thing.  This toy is a great Idea for under $10.

Mega Bloks Thomas the Train

This next toy is Thomas the train from MEGA BLOK. Now Thomas is a classic that everyone loves. This toy you can't go wrong with for a stocking stuffer because I have not yet met a child who doesn't like Thomas the train or his buddies. This collection you can get the other trains that go along with it to.

Iron Man From Mega Bloks

For the kids that love Iron Man this is a great gift for them.  The 170 piece play set where you can build. With a cool movie themed sticker sheet for accurate film detail, this play set includes two armors, Mark II and VI, with repulsion flames and 3ft fly-wire flight technology. First attach one end of the dual-fly cords to any pronged or attachable point using the mini lasso. Next pull the dual-fly cords away from each other – the simple action allows the Mark II and VI to look like they’re really flying!  This is great for any kid who likes iron man and any parent who needs some stocking stuffer ideas under $10.

Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls Dolls - Libbi and Louie

Here is Libbie and Louie these dolls are great because you can get accessories for them and new clothes.  Plus what child doesn't want a little dog with their doll.  This makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

Spin Master Girls Dolls

Move over barbie here comes the Spin Master dolls.  Each girl has their own look for different events from school, to animal print, to rock concerts and more.  This is said to be the new bratz doll but a little more realistic for little girls.  Their fully articulated body (14 pts) allows you to pose them for multiple poses, have real(inserted) eyes, and innovative wig play.  Each girl has a unique personality and comes with a code that allows you to enter the Liv world on line.

Learning Curve Dinosaur Train

Have a kid that loves dinosaurs then you can't go wrong with these toys for stocking stuffers under $10 because they are safe for children and depending on the set you buy come with their own train cart.  People love these toys for their kids because it's based off the Henson PBS show, the Dinosaur Train.  These toys are hard to find but on Amazon you can find everyone that your looking for.  Kids go nuts for these and parents love them because they are so durable and have great detail.


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