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Visit CityVille Hometown as it gets a Haunted House Halloween Makeover!

Updated on July 6, 2013

Cityville the Game

iPhone app for cityville
iPhone app for cityville | Source

Halloween Edition!

The newest update for Cityville Hometown has some great additions just in time for Halloween.

Upon updating and running the game, you'll notice Kate in a cute witch costume. The backdrop that usually shows some store fronts and two people enjoying coffee at a sidewalk cafe with their dog has also been transformed. You'll see a spooky graveyard leading up to a Halloween haunted mansion on a hill. Make sure your volume is on to hear an eerie new load song full of theremin and bells!

Cityville for Mobile Phones

Coffin Cafe with Spider Maple!
Coffin Cafe with Spider Maple! | Source

Did you hear that?!

The usual neighborhood sounds have also been updated.  You're familiar with hearing birds, crickets, lawn mowers and barking dogs, and you still will.  You'll also hear occasional screams, howling winds, howling werewolves, and maniacal laughter.

What else is new?

Check out the store for great new businesses like a costume shop, and coffin cafe. You can even build a haunted house once unlocked. The decorations are great too, and some even give you a 12% bonus and you won't have to spend real money on all of them. My favorite new item is a spider maple tree that costs only 700 coins and gives a 12% increase. Other decorations include spooky trees, scarecrows, Halloween flowers, and decorations for homes. Each style of home will have different and unique Halloween decorations. See my picture below for examples.

Haunted Houses

In this screenshot of my city, you can see my graveyard, some decorated homes and a large spooky tree.
In this screenshot of my city, you can see my graveyard, some decorated homes and a large spooky tree. | Source

New Goals!

Some items aren't available until you unlock them. Unlocking them is possible through goal completion, just like anything else in CityVille. Make sure you have completed any other outstanding goals in your goal menu because the Halloween goals won't pop up until then.

Heather Says: CityVille Hometown is my favorite game to play on my iPhone & Halloween is my favorite holiday so this new update is aces with me! The app for CityVille, including the Halloween update are both free on the app store for iPhone users.

Happy Haunting!


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    • Zabbella profile image

      Zabbella 6 years ago from NJ-USA

      Ha!..I like Cityville, I have not played in a while, but I will check this out!