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Cityville Tips Hints: Become Mayor of Your Own City

Updated on January 23, 2011

Are you trying to figure out Zynga games on Facebook?  Do you play Cityville?  Then you need to learn the way to the top.  If you are looking to level up to the max then you need to follow the these guidelines. 

Cityville on Facebook tips and hints are everywhere.  Here you can read the ones that will help you the most.  That is of course if your willing to pass on artistry and looks.  If you want to the most money (which is needed to expand) and build your city the fastest way possible then it is highly suggested that you continue reading. 

Here they are the Cityville tips you have been waiting for. 

Housing:  There are plenty of different housing available.  The best strategy here is to build for population instead of income.  Houses like the country home can be collected every 5 minutes but the income is low.  So build homes that have the highest population count.  

Businesses:  This is where the money is.  Build the best possible income earning business.  It is highly recommended that you stick to seafood restaurants.  They bring in the best ratio of goods to income.  This can be increased by placing the proper decorations near the seafood restaurants. 

Decorations:  These are not just for looks.  They increase the value of property that they border.  This is the best way to increase the output of all your business properties that you put up. 

Community Buildings: A must have.  In order to increase your population you need to build community buildings.  

Gardening:  Your probably thinking that strawberries are great.  Its just that the energy spent on harvesting them is not worth it.  Plant cranberries you will get more for your crops.  Even though they take a bit longer to harvest you get more for the energy spent. 

Always check on the the happiness level of your citizens.  If they are happy they will buy more from the businesses in your city.  This increases income.  The quicker you can increase your income the faster you can expand.  

Friends are essential in this game.  You can network and they save energy by harvesting crops, collecting rent and sending tourists to your city.  So, build a nice foundation of friends and you will be on your way to success in Cityville. 


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