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Civilization Network on Facebook Release Date

Updated on November 16, 2010

Civilization is a legendary video game series that will soon be making its debut on facebook. Civilization Network is not out yet but is being beta tested and should be set to release sometime this year. (hopefully sooner rather than later)

Civilization Network is just the latest iteration in the legendary civiliation video game series. The series got its start back in 1991 with first title: Civilization. The game was designed and developed by Sid Meier who has continued to be the guiding force for the series through all of its iterations which have included Civilization II, Civilization 3 and most recently Civilization 4 and the console version known as Civilization Revolution.

Civilization network will be based entirely on facebook and according to the official FB page, will be a persistent world in which players can work together or against each other. The core gameplay will be a continuation of the tried and true formula which revolves around the player leading a historical civilization such as the Babylonians from a triny ancient tribe through the trials and tribulations of human history all the way up until modern times and even beyond.

If previous versions of civilization are any indication, player's will be able to lead their civilization to war, build wonders of the world, enter into diplomacy with others, research new technology, and manage their economy in order to survive and achieve victory.

As the game is not yet released, little is known about the details and how it will work with so many players on facebook. Some have speculated that the game will most likely function much the same way as other popular facebook based games.

A potential means of earning money on facebook, may be micro purchases or advertising in game. Although details about this have yet to be released.

Civilization Network Release Date

Update on the Release Date:

An announcement was made on civilization networks facebook page about a 2011 launch date. This date was confirmed by Take-Two's (Civilization Network's Developer) soon to be CEO Strauss Zelnick. Also Joystick has an article about it on their site. It can be found here.

Rumors are going around that civilization Network will launch on facebook at the same time as the newest game in the civilization series, Civilization 5, launches. The Civilization Network beta test is supposedly starting sometime this month (June 2010). These two pieces of information point to a probable September release of Civilization Network along side Civilization 5.


It has been hinted at on the official Facebook page for Civilization Network, that they are intending to put in place an achievement system. Players will be able to acquire famous relics and artifacts from history and display them on their Facebook profile. Some examples include: The Rosetta Stone, Edison's first lightbulb, and the Lascaux cave paintings. On the official Facebook page for Civilization Network, they have asked fans to share what historical artifact they would most like to have. So far there have been over 1200 suggestions submitted by fans Civilization Network.

Check back here for more information about Civilization Network on facebook, as more information about the game is released.

I also intend to start playing the game as soon as possible and provide new players with a crash course as soon as the game is generally released.


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