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Updated on February 23, 2010

Evony Map

To get a larger more printable one click enlarge . I use printed copies of this to put dots where my alliance members are to help me see who to contact for help and where recruiting is urgently needed. Remember though..once you hit the 799 coordinate, the next one actually isn't 800, it is 0 again, you've made it around the world.

Evony players can have a general idea where other people are out with this map.

Evony Plotting map

Black and White unlabeled Evony Map

While playing the game you click the map button in the top right corner, you can enter somebody's X and Y coordinates then click "Go to" and see other areas.

To go back to your own location click the town/city button.

The multi-color map is a map of Civony server 3 all the states, it gives you a picture overall of where you are seeing. Each space in Civony map is a square travel can take you longer than you might have thought.

When you get to the top edge you're next step isn't off into the no mans land, the world isn't flat, you end up at the bottom edge. Same works with the left or right edge.

I'm including a blank Evony map in this section. Evony players can print this gray map and use it to make a map of their own state and keep track of where they are and where their friends or nearest alliance members are, if you want to make a single state map in more detail for yourself. This blank map can be used to make your own world map.

Have fun playing Evony.

How to Play Evony - By the Book

The Beginner's Guide

Having an experienced player showing you the moves in Evony can make the game a lot more fun. It can be frustrating trying to learn it all just in the game. How do I build cities, what should I build first? How do I feed my people? What's a valley anyway and why is it important? How can I make sure I'm not building some lame city that the first wave of attacks from a hostile neighbor is going to reduce to rubbish?

This guide has been streamlined to teach what you need to know, when you need to know it. It gets you started with the fun part, without worrying about making mistakes that are difficult if not impossible to correct later. You'll build a powerful city and you'll know how to use your troops and resources from the ground up. The book compresses weeks and months of learning into a guide you can absorb in an hour or two. It's just as long as it needs to be to cover all the valuable information you need and it doesn't waste your time with what you don't. An Evony map is included within the book.

Valuable basic instructions with detailed illustrationsQuick simple tutorial on playing the game of EvonyAccelerated knowledge that could otherwise take months Maximize fun. Minimize frustration How to build your second city (and third, fourth...) Resources, valleys, flats ---what it all means How to take over or plunder a barbarian cityHow to make a level 2 lake into a level 10 and how that helps How to dispatch an army or recall oneWhat to do when you are being attacked What you should be doing when you check on your cities become an "experienced" player with this simple read Much more, very simply explained...

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