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Clash Royale - Is it Worth Playing?

Updated on January 27, 2017

Clash Royale, the sequel to the infamous mobile masterpeice, Clash of Clans, but more on that game in another hub. Though Clash Royale, even being sequel to such a great game, is it worth downloading and playing on whatever mobile device you prefer to use or the only one you can afford? The short answer, yes, it most definitely is, but that also depends on your taste in mobile games.

Clash Royale is one of the card game types, the rising popularity of this genre urged Supercell to create one, well that and money, because of course after Clash of Clans who wouldn't try it? In Clash Royale, which will be called CR for the rest of this hub, you start out with under eight cards, which number will increase with immense speed. The game begins wih the player playing a sort of tutorial against in which the game calls trainers. The player gets a set amount of elixir which they can hold at one time, ten, and all cards cost a variety of different amounts of elixir so that they can play their cards. Each player gets three towers that attack opposing forces, though the players job is to defend theirs, and destroy the enemies towers, as fast as possible. For every win you get a chest, in these chests, you receive different cards to use in battle, but you're account can only store up to four chests at once. You may also receive duplicates of cards, which is actually more common than receiving new ones, but it's not bad to get dupes, with a certain amount you can upgrade your troops with gold, which you also receive from battles. In battle you may choose eight of your cards to fight with, their is a multitude of different battle decks you can use that have weaknesses and strengths against other player's decks. The game plays in real time so that each player can make decisive moves on what to do against other people's attacks. For each win you also receive trophies, that push you up to different arenas, where you can get new cards. There is a multitude of different level cards you can, four altogether, common, rare, epic, and legendary. Legendary troops are extremely rare, but, as you can guess, are extremely powerful as well as useful.

In CR as you can assume, there is different clans that the player can create or join. In these clans there is different events that appear from time to time as well. These different events can also give the player a numerous amount of cards if played out correctly. Overall, this game, created by the money-hungry game developers who run Supercell, is worth playing, most definitely. Of course you can spend some of your own money to increase your position in the game, but isn't much more satisfying to spend a very long amount of time to make a destroyer of an account that will obliterate whatever foes may stand in your way? With all, of this in mind I wish that you will attempt to play this game and I hope that you do enjoy it. I wish you the greatest of Mornings, Mid-Days, or Evenings, whichever may apply.

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