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Clash of Lords 2 and All of its Game Features

Updated on December 9, 2017

Clash of Lords 2

If you haven't had an opportunity to try out CoL2, I would highly recommend it. This is one of the few games out there that has a lot of depth. It's a fast pace strategy game that allows for very little downtime. This article will give you a brief overview of each of the one of games features and what they have to offer.

The 6th Stage of Battle Royale - Heroes' Rest

Battle Royale

In Battle Royale the name of the game is to do as much damage as possible. It consists of 18 stages with the level of difficulty progressively getting harder with each stage. In order to pass each stage you have to overcome a number of obstacles. You will not only have to defeat each boss in that stage, but you have to deal with a wide range of defenses as well. Bosses range from defenses such as Mortars or Victory Towers to epic heros.

After you defeat each stage you will be rewarded with a number of different possible rewards. They range from Hero shards, rings, souls, gold, gems and more. As a bonus you can increase the number of rewards you are eligible for by being the top damage producer or being the person who actually defeats the final boss of the stage.

Campaign Clash

Campaign clash is a solo campaign that consists of 18 stages. At each stage you will be matched up against a game generated team of 5 heros (with mercenaries) that you must defeat in order to pass on to the next stage. It's basically the solo version of the Arena. Just like other game features each stage will be harder then the last.

The main purpose behind Campaign Clash is to help you progress two main areas of the game, spells and strengthening your mercenaries. As you work your way threw each stage you will earn Mystic Crystals. These crystals are used to advance both spells and mercenary passive skills. Once you start earning these crystals you simply click on the "spell learning" book icon. Inside this interface you will be able to spend your crystals on spells and enhancing your mercenaries.

As an added bonus after you pass the 5th, 12th and last stage you will have the option to open up the Mystic Shop where you can buy a number of items for both gold and gems. Mystic Crystals, Hero shards, Rings and Souls can all be obtain here.

Hero Trials

If PVP is your thing, you will definitely want to check out Hero Trials. In this part of the game you will select 9 heros to be matched up against other live players in the world. Your heros will fight three at a time. As each one is defeated they will be replaced by the hero next in line. The catch to all this is that it's completely automated. The only part of this match that you can control is when you would like to use your spells. Aside from this, the battle will be fought completely for you.

The match up screen will give you the option to pick between three opponents that range from easy to hard. As you win you will gain points and naturally climb the ranks. The higher your rank is the more Enchant Crystals you will receive per hour and in bulk when the season ends. Obtaining Enchant Crystals is the sole purpose for playing Hero Trials. These crystals are used to raise your Heros enchantment levels.


Here you will matchup against other live players in an automated pvp deathmatch. Before the match starts you will choose your top 9 strongest heros and preset them into a lineup. This will be the order in which your heros' will enter the match. Hero aids and weapons are both usuable. The match starts with the first 3 heros' in your lineup and as each hero is killed off they're replaced with the next hero in line.
Fame points are what you're after. Victories will reward you, while defeats will result in being penalized. As you accumulate fame points you will pass reward thresholds. Once a threshold is passed you may claim the corresponding rewards. The first threshold is 550 points and the last one is 3000 fame points accumulated.

An example of the point thresholds and corresponding rewards:

Fame points needed - Rewards

550 - 80,000 Souls
600 - 5x coral eggs ; 5x 2,000,000 gold cests
700 - 10x 50 Trial tokens ; 1,000 rings ; 500 Pounder shards
800 - 20x 50 Trial tokens ; 5x 5,000,000 gold chests ; 500 Sapphirix shards
900 - 20x 50 Trial tokens ; 5x coral eggs ; 500 Landslide shards
1000 - 30x 50 Trial tokens ; 100,000 souls ; 500 Ravager shards
1200 - 30x 50 Trial tokens ; 5x coral eggs ; 1,000 Ancient Spirit shards
1400 - 40x 50 Trial tokens ; 8x coral eggs ; 1,500 Ancient Spirit shards
1700 - 40x 50 Trial tokens ; 2,000 rings ; 10x 5,000,000 gold chests
2000 -50x 50 Trial tokens ; 500 mutugan ; 1x Ancient Spirit
2500 - 50x 50 Trial tokens ; 1,000 Ravager shards ; 1x Ancient Spirit
3000 - 60x 50 Trial tokens ; 50x energy potion ; 1x Ancient Spirit

Rewards usually consist of hero shards, rings, souls, trial tokens, mutagen, ancient spirits, ancient spirit shards, etc.

So as you can see it's well worth the time invested, which makes this a very active part of the game.


The arena is another aspect of the game that is PVP driven. This feature allows you to pick a team of any 5 of your heros' to match them up against opponents of different skill levels. Each season runs for 2 weeks and during this time you will be given 5 chances daily to compete against opponents. The match-up system will give you the option of choosing between 3 different opponents varying in difficulty (easy, medium and hard), plus an additional "Foe of the Day" which is the hardest. The harder your target is the more exp you will gain per victory.

As you win each match you will gain experience points that will accumulate to determine your overall rank. Each rank achieved will pay off in a reward. The higher your rank the better the rewards are. Each season you will start off as a Peasant and attempt to fight your way up to Deity. The rewards are preset and visible and do not change week to week.

El Dorado

This was the origin of weapons in CoL2. When weapons were first introduced to the game there were only three to choose from. The Thunder Blade, Arcane Tomb, and the Dragon Heart. Since then the game has expanded from 3 weapons to 8 in total. Each one bringing a unique array of stats and effects. Some are designed for tanks, while others are better suited for damage producing classes. Most weapons however are used simply for their effects, such as the Tyrants Brand. The popularity of this weapon derives from the fact that when it's max level it will give the hero wielding it an 80% chance of having it's skill ignore an enemy heros' damage reduction.

Weapon list:
Thunder Blade
Arcane Tomb
Dragon Heart
Tyrant's Brand
Abhorrent Aegis
Demonic Axe
Holy Hammer
Thorned Bow

The "El Dorado" part of this game feature is a series of PVE maps that must be conquered in order to make weapon components available. Components are then used to level weapons. Once a 3 star has been achieved on each stage, the auto-clear options are made available.

A Guild United

This is another guild verses guild battle, but instead of actually fighting the other guilds you will be completing tasks. These tasks range from buying gems to spending souls and rings. Tasks will be decided by the leader and elders of the guild. This helps each guild play to their own advantages. As you complete the tasks you will get constellation prizes, usually something small like coral eggs, rings, or souls. Once the season is over the entire guild is eligible to claim rewards reflecting your guilds current rank against all the other guilds in the match.

Lords League

Lords League is the competitive side of CoL2. This is the area of the game were you will challenge and be challenged by live players from all over the world. It's based on a point system that uses trophy accumulation to determine your rank. As you win matches you will be awarded trophies. The more trophies you hold, the higher your rank is in the world and on your continent. The higher your rank is the more souls you will gain per hour and in bulk at the end of the season. Seasons run for one week. Sunday to Sunday.

The goal is to 3 star your opponent by completely destroying their base. To do this you will have to contend with all of their base defenses and Heros (without mercenaries). It's not necessary to kill their heros to 3 star them. As long as their base is completely destroyed you will receive all 3 stars regardless of whether or not you defeat all of their Heros or not.

Your attacks will be done with any 5 Heros of your choosing. You can choose any combination of Heros as long as you have them to deploy. Also at your disposal will be all the added features of the game. Everything from weapons to spells, Hero skills, divine skills and more. All aspects of the game are available to use in Lords League. The stronger you become, the more difficult the opponents are you're able to face.

Resources Raids

Resource raids are a great way to go after gold. Just like Lords League you will choose which 5 heros you would like to battle with. You will have full access to all of your heros features and their mercenaries. The stronger your heros and their mercenaries are, the harder the opponents you're able to face. Prizes consist of mainly gold and resources used to level your heros such as EXP eggs and things of that nature. A chest will open for each star that is obtained, up to 3 stars. 1st star is achieved by defeating the base past 50%, the second is achieved by defeating your opponents Town Hall and the 3rd star is achieved by defeating 100% of your opponents base.

Solo Dungeons

Dungeons are a nice solo feature of the game that can be accessed from the time you start. They range from beginner stages all the way to advanced and offer a range of prizes upon completion. It's similar to the same basic dungeon lineup that you will find in most apps with the same style of play. Clash of Clans is a great example. The prizes are not earth shattering but they do help.

The really nice thing about these dungeons is that you can auto clear them once you have defeated them. It's a nice way to continue to obtain resources without having to go threw the grind day in and day out. You simply click the "auto-clear" button on the last stage you completed and receive your rewards. It resets every 2 hours and holds up to 5/5 turns.

Along with basic prizes such as gold you will have a chance to receive mugs. These mugs can be collected and used to gain more rings and souls "The Cat's Meow" and "Dancing Dungeon". These are two interfaces that can be accessed from the main game screen by clicking the glowing yellow plus sign that is next to your soul and ring counts.

Guild Clash

I always like to save the best for last and if there is one area of the game that CoL2 really shines, it's Guild Clash. The system they have in place is one of the best I've seen in a long time.

Each week you will be matched up against 3 other guilds (4 total guilds per match up). You will face each guild one at a time over the course of 3 days. The winning guild from each day will earn 3 points and 1 point will be awarded to the loser. At the end of each 24 hour period every guild in the match up will be ranked accordingly from 1st to 4th place.

There are two ways you can win. The first is by being the first guild to reach 50,000 points. To achieve this you must completely defeat all of your opponents bases and clear the map. You can win by either outscoring the other guild or by defeating all of their bases. It's a point based system with a max score of 50,000 points.


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