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Clash of Clans: 3 Star TH9 with HOGOWIWIPE

Updated on August 2, 2015


It can be very challenging to 3 star a TH9 as a TH9; in many wars the expectation is to get 2 stars with a GOWIPE and call that victory. Very few people will walk away with 3 stars, especially consistently, on a TH9 base. However, it does not mean it's impossible. You simply have to customize and strategize to a degree most players aren't capable of. This is where the HOGOWIWIPE comes into play, so you can build the right balance of units to walk away easily with a 2 star, and often with a 3 star.

Adapt Your Attacks

You can't 3 star every base; but with some strategy and adaptation, you can do it regularly. This is the purpose of HOGOWIWIPE. Each unit fulfills a specific purpose:

  • Hogs: Eliminate pesky defenses, particularly on the opposite side or peripherie, that are walls away but will inevitably end up picking off wizards or where units will struggle to reach.
  • Golems: Tank, obviously.
  • Wizards: Remove a trash ring and zone in on the town hall, eliminating everything in the immediate path provided by wall breakers or jump spells. Past this, wizards may not survive.
  • Witches: Provide distraction from single target defenses and clean-up remaining builders; also great for popping traps.
  • PEKKA: Just 1 can be very effective; whereas Golems will always seek defenses while Wizards don't and will stop at earlier targets due to their range, you often have a situation where a Golem ends up in a corner, tanking for nothing, slowly destroying a wall while the Wizards die. A PEKKA is there to bridge this gap, keeping the melee attack moving due to their damage while still tanking.

Example Attack

Using the below example, you'll see how to create a HOGOWIWIPE attack for maximum results, with a video at the end showing how it performed.


How would you approach attacking the following base? It clearly has some frustrations for attacking, such as the basket to slow down your Golems and the central ring to cause a rotation of your Golems/PEKKAs.

Step 1: Leash

  1. Identify your leash, if possible.
  2. If leashing with hogs, be mindful that often times you need to use 2 because 1 will die too fast.
  3. If the enemy CC cannot be poisoned to death, obviously lure it to deal with it.

Step 2: Entry

  1. Determine how you can path your Golems to maximize their damage absorption and minimize the chance defenses will get your Wizards.
  2. Use Bombers to open them up and get things going.
  3. Be careful not to decide whether or not you want all of your units entering at one point, and adjust your attack accordingly. Often times people don't spread their Golems enough or only open 1 hole for them, and they go to the same place, narrowing your attack, and opening the rest of your units into more risk from peripheral defenses or splash damage.

Step 3: Engage

  1. It's time to drop your wizards and begin clearing.
  2. If there is a trash ring around the side, allow the wizards to clear it so your units, particularly PEKKAs and a Barbarian King, don't end up on the outside of the base chasing barracks and collectors
  3. Launch your key drivers; a PEKKA and your heroes. They should path into the defenses and begin kicking ass.
  4. Be mindful of potions allocated to this segment of the attack (We'll cover this later), in my case it's often standard to have 1 Rage spell for when units approach the Town Hall, and 1 Heal spell for a struggling section of troops. For example if more defenses are targeting 1 Golem or begin targeting your Wizards, I drop a heal there. Basically, however you need to heal to get the entry working.
  5. Launch Witches last, you don't want them to get picked off, and they move slow. You want the skeletons roaming around everywhere being a nuisance, absorbing traps and damage, without risking the Witches themselves. When the fight gets messy and your Golems are gone or dead, skeletons roaming around make a big difference.

Step 4: Hog Time

You've only completed half of the attack, there is no way that beginning will make it through the opposite side of the base with the rest of the defenses, several walls away. Hogs do that.

  1. Look for any defenses that will be difficult to reach or particularly challenging for your main attack. This is often mortars or point defenses like archer towers, that can be pesky and snag units not directly behind your Golem. And as we all know, units do tend to wander.
  2. Depending on the layout, you may want 1 or 2 groups of Hogs. Be mindful of spread bases and what that means for your Hog pathing.
  3. Keep an eye out for grouped defenses, where Hogs excel when you drop a Heal over them.
  4. Plan the specific path, Hogs are very easy to predict. Prepare Heals for it. I've found 2 Heal spells sufficiently cover enough ground in many base layouts for hogs to wipe out 1/3 to 1/2 of the defenses your first attack would not be able to handle.
  5. With 2 Heals for Hogs, and 2 other spells for your main, you can support all ends of the battle.
  6. Also be sure to time your launch appropriately, you want as many defenses as possible already attacking the hopefully near-center Golems/PEKKAs. Hogs can't take too much heat, even when being healed.

Step 5: Success!

There you have it!

Be sure to time your spells well, and don't be a noob and use your Hero spells before they start taking damage (try to save your Archer Queen for the Town Hall).

Don't be afraid to let the hogs take a little bit of damage before you drop the heal (rather too early than too late!) as they may not be in the circle that long depending on the base layout.

Watch the video below to see how it plays out!

Real Results


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