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Clash of Kings Game Review and Free Gold

Updated on August 27, 2015

Clash of Kings Game Introduction

Clash of Kings is a relatively new MMORPG(massive multiplayer online role playing game) that has beautiful graphics and massive scope for political intrigue. In this review I will tell you about the game and some of it's features and also give you some valuable tips to get you well on your way to being a success in the game. At the end of the article I will also give you a link to get you started with some extra inplay resources so you can fast track your castle development.

Clash of Kings, why you want to play?

I don't know what you look for in a game but I'll tell you why I choose Clash of Kings over other games, some more successful with larger followings.

For me the appearance of a game is important, if I'm going to be spending hours playing a game then I want it to look the part. Clash of Kings deffinately does this. It's proffessional appearance I really like. It is also a lot more adult in appearance than many similar games. The one thing that turns me off a game, more than anything else, is the cartoon kids game look. I know this doesn't bother everyone but I'm well into adulthood so I like a game to look a bit more grown up.

Another great reason to play Clash of Kings and probably the most important is the extensive well developed PVP(player vs player) aspect. Clash of Kings has a great message system where you can contact any other player in your game world. This alone means that the game is limitless in scope add in a brilliant alliance system where you can band together with other players, share resources, help with development and combine armies to take on players better developed than yourself means how well you do is really up to you. Political dynamics really rule in this game whether you want to go it alone, lead or be part of a powerful alliance you will need to make friends and choose your enemies carefully to succeed.

Esentially Clash of Kings is castle building, base defense and expansion game at it's core, with a great team play and political strategy dynamic. If that sounds like something you may enjoy then read on and find out how to get started.

Clash of Kings Game, Getting Started Player Guide.

The scene is set you have just taken back control of your castle after beating off invaders and after a short tutorial you begin to rebuild your infrastructure, while this happens and you reach castle level 6 you are protected from invasion unless you attack others. My advice is don't do this get all your buildings up to level 5 before you upgrade your castle itself to level 6 this will give you the best preparation to leave protection. Also don't neglect your college where you can research sciences to develop many things to improve your military, city development, city defense, and resource gathering ability. You should also start to think about if you want to create your own alliance or join one that is already established. For a beginner I would recommend joining one that is already established the reason being alliance friends can help you develop at a faster rate by assisting when you upgrade buildings via the alliance help page. You could then create your own alliance once you are better established.

Clash of Kings Military Unit Types

One of the great things about Clash of Kings are the plentiful military unit types you can recruit and the more advanced your castle becomes the better the class of soldier you can unlock. Each unit type has an information page where their stats are presented such as attack and defense strength, upkeep cost etc. These are presented on a beautiful Top Trump card style page so it's very easy to see and compare what you are getting for your money. You have four buildings which are responsible for your units. Barracks where infantry are trained, Stables-cavalry, Range-Archers and chariot plant where siege equipment is made. take your time to look at the different advantages and stats that come with each and remember to keep an eye on upkeep costs any unit you recruit will use food resources to be maintained.

Clash of Kings, Resources-Using Your Land Wisely

There are several ways to gather resources in Clash of Kings but the most reliable and less risky is to use the land given to you outside your castle my own personal preference for the first 30 plots of land available to you is to use 10 plots for food 6 for wood and 5 for military tents, 5 for iron mine and 4 for hospital. This is just my own personal preference and it has worked best for me sofar. I tend to use more food than wood as I maintain a large army and I like to be able to train troops quickly so prefer military tent over hospitals. Also remember you can researh different sciences at the college to improve any of these land use types. You can of course demolish and reuse the land if you get your preference wrong, just remember you will have lost the resources you used to build and improve them so it's worth giving it some thought. Still confused then just split the land equally between the four types. You will also receive more land at level 15 this can be used for extra resource types as you progress.

Clash of Kings Free Resources

To get 200+ free gold plus many more resources free, simply follow these steps.

  1. click on your ingame avatar/photo
  2. click on settings
  3. go to invite.
  4. enter the following code 48692f94160d
  5. check you ingame email for your free gifts which will be sent to you.
  6. Enjoy!


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