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Clash of clans COC - Clan castle

Updated on October 3, 2015

What is the clan castle in clash of clans game ?
- It's a place that let you meet other players to build a team with them to enter a battle with other teams.

When can i start to build my clan ?
- Absolutely you can build your clan as well as you upgrade your townhall to level 3.

What is the benefits ?
- You can donate a troops to other players from your team. also they can send you to protect your base from enemies.

When can we - as a team - make a battle ?
- You can make a battle when your team include 10 players at least.

How many days the battle will take ?
- It will take 48 Hrs. the first 24 Hrs it's call as preparation day , and the second 24 Hrs it's call as battle day.

How many attacks i have ?
- You have two attacks per war.

How much i will earn when if we win ?
- As i told you before, you have two attacks , if you want to collect the coins with elixir as your team player ( you should collect at least one star from the enemies ).



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