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Class Comparison of Dragon Nest (II) Part 1

Updated on December 20, 2011

Advanced Class: Warrior Classes

Warrior --> Mercenary

The Mercenary is class that focuses on brute force and ultimate tanking. This causes the Mercenary to focus more gigantic weapons like axes and hammers so you can do damage equivalent to more than 1/4 of you enemies HP (PvE).

The Merc has to focus on protecting and going up front to the enemies to face battle. The Merc is thick, and slow hitting. This is compensated by the high percentage of stuns.

The Mercenary can solo dungeons without fear (esp. mino nests and abyss dungeons) and also help to distract bosses for the weaker classes to attack. Mainly keeping the aggro on the boss helps to keep the survivability of the Merc higher.

The Merc also has to keep swinging that axe. It is important to keep dealing damage and not stop. The Merc requires highly enhanced equipment and armor that has potentials on MAX HP and Vitality because a Merc is supposed to be a walking fortress.

Warrior --> Sword Master

You have flashy skills that are better than the Mercs, and you do combo easily. You deal massive damage in quick draws, and thus you focus on just one weapon: greatsword.

The movement speed of your Sword Master is very important because a SM moves quickly to annihilate enemies. It also keeps aggro on bosses better than Mercs mainly because of its quick skills that decreases it meter of aggro-ness.

A SM can never stop swinging it's sword. It's very important too, like a Merc, because of it's never-ending swing, damage is done quickly and death is imminent.

An SM also has many continuous combo skills and range skills in order to keep that combo meter moving fast. However, it has lack of debuffs unlike the Merc which has a debuff for almost every skill.


Advanced Class: Archer Classes

Archer --> Acrobat

If you want to focus on flashy skills, quick long combos, choose the acrobat. Acrobats tend single their enemy out, making them excel in PvP. They can launch enemies to the air, combo on them, and then run away to escape hits and repeat the cycle again.

Thus, the Acrobat loses out in PvE and will not really do much damage because of the lack of AoE skills. When playing the Acrobat, you'll find yourself more slower in dungeons because you lack, AOE SKILLS.

You don't really rely on others, you've got super good escape skills that can escape any predicament you find coming your way. Evasion is very important to the Acrobat as she will try to single out enemies (PvP), shoot and combo them, and when the enemy comes to hit you you escape and dodge like no tomorrow and tada, you come back again to annoy the opponent! How sweet.

Archer --> Bow Master

Arguably having the highest DPS in the game, and has the chance to be a hybrid. Having 50% physical skills (ATK-Power) and 50% magical skills (M-ATK) so you can easily shred through monsters.

However, in PvP, you need to dodge a lot to avoid getting hit or stunned. To a BM, being stun would equal to a certain death. A BM is very weak, and thus would be vulnerable to many enemies. However, the BM can make up for it by having the highest DPS as I mentioned, and also any good BM would also be able to take out enemies.

A BM has good AOE skills which guarantee a quick takeout on enemies. Choosing a BM, means that you will excel in dungeon parties, but lose out to the Acro in PvPs.


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