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Class Comparisons in Dragon Nest (I)

Updated on December 20, 2011

Ok, so you've installed Dragon Nest and you've got 4 classes to choose. Which should you choose? I mean, look at all of them, they look very good and don't have real differences. But you had a preference, so let me compare all the 4 basic classes to help you on choosing your class.


The Warrior

Ah, the strong one. He's a tanker, and it helps to have one during dungeons. He can protect weaker classes, and also do high damage with the right equipment.

The warrior has very high HP, so it means that 'Vitality'/'Health' is very important to him. Of course, after that comes the Atk Power. But if you ever reach a stage where you've gotta advance to the 2nd class, click the link provided later on.

The warrior has 3 differing weapons which range in attack speed, damage and stun-%. The sword has fast attack speed, the axe has very stable damage (high) and the hammer can stun enemies. All these weapons depend on which class you'll focus on later.

However, the warrior has limited range skills and thus, most of time you would be up front at the bosses and mobs, tanking damage and getting knocked down, frozen, burnt etc. most of the time. Thus you need >+6 equipment for the enhancement HP.


The Archer

Ah yes, the most versatile class in this game. The archer has skills that spreads out on its 2 other advanced class, so you can choose which class to take.

The archer, is obviously, ranged. Being ranged, it has very low HP and very low Def which requires good equipment to make up for it. However, archers can easily evade enemies making them able to solo dungeons with little difficulty.

Archers have 3 differing weapons. The longbow for the most unstable damage and long range, the short bow for the most stable damage but short range and the crossbow for firing 3 shots at one time for high DPS but having a longer reload time.

Archers require the reliance on clerics and warriors in order to be able to fight bosses. Even though archers have high DPS, their low HP makes bosses easy to get rid of pesky little elves. As I mentioned before, when bosses do get their hands on archers, archers can easily evade enemies to avoid being damaged to much. They can also fire arrows when moving so it's like shooting while moving, making you harder to catch but faster to kill.


The Sorceress:

Ah, the one with super long hair and weird looking spirals. This girl packs a punch against enemies, having spells that can burn, freeze and poison enemies to bring lasting and longer damage.

Also, she can easily do combos up to 200 (i tried) and have late game DPS of ultimate. The sorceress has 2 different classes that specialises in elements (like freeze, burn and poison) and also force (gravity and earth).

The sorceress is also weak and have low HP and Def. She's vulnerable to many enemies, so she makes up for having very high DPS. She also can quickly stun enemies, or paralyse them for teammates to slice and dice.

However, this causes her to rely on teammates for tanking and healing because of her MP-Focus and M-ATK focus. She will lose out in terms of HP and Def, and thus requires tankers. Soloing dungeons is also a bit of a problem for difficult master to abyss unless you're 10 levels higher than the recommended level, equipment of all >+6 etc.


The Cleric:

Always remember to have a cleric in your party before leaving. The cleric is important for its heal and better tanking then the warrior. Why?

  1. It has very high defense, which reduces damage.
  2. Shield for blocking attacks.
  3. Range & Melee skills

The high defense resulting lower damage dealt to the cleric and of course, your HP drops slower. Your shield has a chance to block and totally nullify damage. You also range and melee skills, so you can also help to tank alongside with warriors.

The cleric is most of the time the leader because of him being able to heal and thus most weak classes rely on the cleric. The cleric is thus very significant and can play a role of being the person who decides who to die and who to live.

The cleric has 3 differing weapons: the mace, the flail and the wand. The mace is good for PVP as you can rage-attack and rush enemies with your super annoying fast attack speed. The flail, has long range, and is useful for fighting bosses for you can easily escape when on the verge of death. However, it has unstable damage. The wand is also like a melee weapon, but on last hit, it strikes a lightning bolt and can make enemies susceptible to being electrified for 9 seconds, causing them to fail in attacks and casting skills and also sustain damage.

So here's the full overview of all the classes. Are you ready to get pumped up and get ready to play?

Head out. Pm if require info in Dragon Nest: DawnShiro

My guild is recruiting! If anyone of you wants to join, leave me a fan mail or comment your name (DN) and tell me when you'll be online and I'll invite you to join my guild.



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    • profile image

      Vavakx Nonexus 3 years ago

      jaon, play every character until you get at least lvl 5,

      then you can decide which you like the most.

    • profile image

      jaon 5 years ago

      i have difficulties choosing between those.. no idea what to play. just installed the game but stuck at choosing class. :(

    • profile image

      fellkyrinla 6 years ago from Anywhere you pinpoint on the map

      Please do comment. Thank you. Suggestions for updates and improvement!