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Class Comparisons of Dragon Nest (II) Part 2

Updated on December 20, 2011

Advanced Classes: Cleric Classes

Cleric --> Priest

Welcome to the world of healing and being holy. The Priest specialises in healing and light attacks rather helping teammates to tank. The Priest is different from the Paladin in a way that the Priest does more damage when using magic, but then since it uses holy magic it is forced to use only wands.

However, the Priest is a balanced class. It does not have really low defense, attack, HP, MP whatsoever. However, the Priest has range skills from its magic skills and thus you don't really need to go up front and kill.

So, if you're seeking for high survivabillity which does not equal to having high defense and HP, get the Priest. You get stand behind your teammates (or maybe side-by-side), and use your range magic skills to hit the opponents. If there's any problem, you can heal yourself or your teammates. Not a lot of downsides for the Priest.

Cleric --> Paladin

The Paladin is a very deadly person. You have:

  1. Fast melee attacks
  2. You annoy the crap out of stunned players during PvPs
  3. You're difficult to kill due to your high DEF
  4. and flashy skills ^^

Your fast melee attacks tend to stun opponents a lot, and most of the times the upper hand is yours. Slow-moving or fast-moving bosses are nothing to you. You can easily keep your aggro on them, protect teammates, and help to tank a lot of damage especially in Nests.

The Paladin's defense is deadly in the sense that many good DPS dealers are not able to damage you a lot. You move quickly, you dodge quickly, then come back and strike your long combo which includes all the skills of your Pally.

The Paladin is thus one of the best classes. However, it also requires good experience to play a supporting role in the game.


Advanced Classes: Sorceress Classes

Sorceress --> Elemental Lord (more like Elemental Lady, but Lord's nicer)

You're. The. Most. Deadly. Existence. To. Mobs.

  • Your DPS is shockingly high.
  • You have varying dodging skills.

This resulting in your ultimate pwnage in the Colosseum against melee classes. You have weak defense but your dodging skills can offset it. However, you have the worst stamina in the whole game.

You cast AoE skills from afar, making you able to take out mobs like they're air. The single moment you breathe, mobs die. That's just a simple description of the Elemental Lord.

You use skills like Fire and Ice. So focusing on weapons that add to your Fire Attack and Ice Attack is a good idea. You one very epic skills, the Flame Rod which is something like your first sorceress skill but with epic DPS and epic AoE.

Sorceress --> Force User/Mystic

There are varying names for the FU in the Dragon Nest Wiki, so I listed the other one down.

The Force User specialises in Dark Magic and also has weaker damage compared to the Elemental Lord. However, your higher defense helps you survive longer in dungeons.

Like the Elemental Lord, various dodge skills help you offset your low defense (as compare to other classes). You are very deadly too, as you can whip up mobs and throw them around when and where you like it as you have the ultimate control over gravity. From summoning black holes to poison, that's your deadliest weapon.

That's the end of the comparison. Shall you ever require the link to the previous comparison or the basic class comparison here it is:

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