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Classes and Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV

Updated on July 5, 2014

Introduction and the Armoury System

As with several installments of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIV uses a "job" system, which allows a character to switch between various classes, each with their own advancement track of experience and levels, meaning creating a new character isn't necessary to experience a new class in the game. The game currently boasts a large number of classes: eight combat classes, eight crafting or synthesis classes, and three for gathering professions. Additionally, the eight combat classes are associated with a number of jobs, which are sort of like specialized versions of their base classes (there are nine jobs in total, with one class, Arcanist, leading into two different jobs). This guide will cover each class and job in brief, detailing how and where to unlock each of them.

The Armoury System

Before going into each job specifically, it's important to briefly introduce the game's Armuory System, which governs how and when you can switch between classes and jobs. At any given time, your character's active class is determined by his equipped main hand weapon or tool. For example, when you equip a sword, your active class will become Gladiator. If you instead equip a skillet, your active class will become Culinarian. Thanks to the game's Armoury Chest, you can carry all of the various equipment for your classes with you at all times, and you can even save gearsets, so that you can change the item equipped in your main hand along with all of your gear, in just one handy button press.

Jobs work within the Armoury system as well, but you change from a base class to a job not by equipping a new weapon but by instead equipping an item called a Soul Gem, such as the Soul of the Monk.

With that out of the way, we can talk about the game's various classes.

Disciples of War

A lancer prepared for battle, wielding a powerful trident.
A lancer prepared for battle, wielding a powerful trident. | Source

There are five classes categorized as Disciples of War, all of which deal with physical combat, as opposed to magical combat. As with all standard classes, Disciples of War can set up to 10 additional cross-class abilities they have earned from leveling other classes.

  • Archer: Archers use bows, as you might expect, dealing damage from afar. They deal somewhat less damage than other damage dealing classes, but make up for that with their superior mobility and ability to generally deal damage regardless of their location relative to the boss. You can unlock the Archer class at the Archer's Guild in Old Gridania. The job associated with the Archer class is Bard.
  • Gladiator: Gladiators are a standard tank class, using their abilities to keep the attention of enemies and reduce the damage they take. They primarily mitigate damage through parrying and blocking. Their weapon of choice is the sword, and they are one of three classes that can use shields. To unlock Gladiator, go to the Gladiator's Guild in the Steps of Thal, in Ul'dah. Paladin is the job associated with the Gladiator class.
  • Lancer: Lancers are FFXIV's "heavy" melee damage dealer, using two-handed lances to deal high damage. In combat, they require precise placement, as many of their abilities trigger additional effects if used from the proper side of an enemy. The Lancer's Guild, where you unlock the class, is located in Old Gridania. Once you've advanced far enough as a Lancer, you'll transition to the Dragoon job.
  • Marauder: Like the Gladiator, the Marauder is a tank class, but unlike them, a Marauder's primary defense is his large pool of Hit Points and some self-healing abilities. Marauders are also more capable than Gladiators at dealing damage with their two-handed axes, but their lack of a shield means they typically take more damage than them. You'll find the quest to unlock Marauder at the Marauder's Guild is located in Upper Limsa Lominsa. The job associated with Marauder is Warrior.
  • Pugilist: The Pugilist is the other melee damage dealer in FFXIV, focusing on quick, lighter hits compared to the slower, heavier hits of the Lancer. Masters of punches and kicks, pugilists utilize a unique system of martial arts forms in combat, with various attacks of theirs only being available when in certain forms. In the Steps of Nald, in Ul'dah, you'll find the Pugilist's Guild, where you can sign up to become a Pugilist. The Monk job uses Pugilist for its base.

Disciples of Magic

A conjurer channeling the handy Medica spell, which heals all nearby allies.
A conjurer channeling the handy Medica spell, which heals all nearby allies. | Source

Three of FFXIV's classes are Disciples of Magic, focusing naturally on magical approaches to combat. Like Disciples of War, they can set up to 10 additional abilities.

  • Arcanist: Arcanists are a magical damage dealing class with an emphasis on "damage-over-time" effects. They also function as FFXIV's "pet" class, summoning allies called Carbuncles to aid them in battle. They use grimoires in battle to channel their spells. You can unlock Arcanist at the Arcanist's Guild in Lower Limsa Lominsa. Unlike other current classes in FFXIV, Arcanist is associated with two jobs: Scholar (a pet-based healing job) and Summoner (a pet-based damage dealer, like Arcanist itself).
  • Conjurer: Conjurers are the game's primary healing class. In addition to their healing capabilities, they wield some elemental magic, focusing on the natural elements of air, earth, and water. They can use both two-handed canes and one-handed wands, the latter of which also lets them use a shield in their offhand for marginal defensive bonuses. The Conjurer's Guild and your quest to unlock the class are found in New Gridania. The job associated with Conjurer is White Mage.
  • Thaumaturge: The masters of offensive magic, Thaumaturges are ranged magical damage dealers with an emphasis on spells that hit multiple enemies. Their spells tend to focus on fire, ice, and lightning. Like Conjurers, they can use both one-handed and two-handed rods, with the ability to hold a shield when they wield one of the former. The Thaumaturge's Guild is located in Ul'dah's Steps of Thal, where you can unlock the class. Thaumaturge eventually grows into the Black Mage job.


A Warrior, armed with the relic axe, Bravura and garbed in full regalia.
A Warrior, armed with the relic axe, Bravura and garbed in full regalia. | Source

Along with the eight combat classes, FFXIV boasts nine "advanced" classes called jobs, each one associated with one of the base classes. These have more stringent requirements than the regular classes, but offer greater specialization and capability in their associated roles through higher attributes and unique abilities. Jobs do not have their own experience progression. Instead, your level in a job is determined by your level in its associated base class. For example, a level 38 Gladiator would also be a level 38 Paladin when on the Paladin job. Unlike base classes, Jobs can only set 5 cross-class abilities, and the classes they can choose them from are limited to two other classes, which are determined by the Job in question.

  • Bard: To unlock Bard, you'll first need to become a level 30 Archer and a level 15 Puglist. The quest to unlock Bard starts in the Archer's Guild in Gridania. Bard grants you access to support abilities called songs, but limits your cross-class abilities to skills from Lancer and Pugilist.
  • Black Mage: To become a Black Mage, you must first achieve level 30 as a Thaumaturge and level 15 as an Archer, and then complete a quest that begins at the Thaumaturge's Guild in Ul'dah. As a Black Mage, you'll gain access to new spells, including the mighty Flare at level 50, and be able to set cross-class abilities from both Arcanist and Archer.
  • Dragoon: Once you are a level 30 Lancer and level 15 Marauder, you can accept a quest in the Lancer's Guild in Gridania to unlock Dragoon. As the Dragoons in other Final Fantasy titles, you'll learn special Jump abilities that let you pounce on your enemies from above with your lance. Dragoons choose their cross-class skills from Marauder and Pugilist.
  • Monk: Monks start their training as Puglists, requiring level 30 in that class and level 15 in Lancer. The questline for Monks begins in the Pugilist's Guild in Ul'dah. Monks get access to new abilities that interact with the Pugilist's special combo system and choose their additional abilities from Lancer and Marauder.
  • Paladin: As a level 30 Gladiator with 15 levels in Conjurer, you can start the quest to become a Paladin in the Gladiator's Guild in the Steps of Thal, in Ul'dah. Paladins gain access to the iconic ability to Cover an ally, taking damage for them, among other things, and choose their cross-class skills from Conjurer and Marauder.
  • Scholar: To unlock Scholar, first reach level 30 as an Arcanist and level 15 as a Conjurer, and go to the Arcanist's Guild in Lower Limsa Lominsa. Unlike the Arcanist, the Scholar is focused primarily on healing, a task in which they receive assistance from unique fairy pets. Scholars draw their cross-class skills from Conjurerer and Thaumaturge.
  • Summoner: The flip-side to Scholar, Summoners require 30th level in Arcanist and 15th level in Thaumaturge. The quest to unlock Summoner is found at the Arcanist's Guild. Summoners trade the Arcanist's Carbuncle pets for "Egis" which are creatures drawn from the essence of the powerful, deity-like Primals. Summoner cross-class abilities are drawn from Archer and Thaumaturge.
  • Warrior: A 30th-level Marauder with 15 levels in Gladiator can unlock Warrior, starting from the Marauder's Guild in Upper Limsa Lominsa. Warriors add a series of abilities that can be triggered only by building up and then expending Wrath, by using other Marauder abilities. Their cross-class abilities are drawn from those associated with Gladiator and Pugilist.
  • White Mage: To become a White Mage, attain level 30 as a Conjurer and level 15 as an Arcanist, then pick up your quest at the Conjurer's Guild in New Gridania. White Mages gain access to useful healing tools like Regen and the iconic Holy spell, drawing cross-class abilities from Arcanist and Thaumaturge.

Disciples of the Hand

Like combat classes, the Disciples of the Hand have unique armor at the maximum level of 50. This is the concept art for the Armorer's full set.
Like combat classes, the Disciples of the Hand have unique armor at the maximum level of 50. This is the concept art for the Armorer's full set. | Source

The eight Disciples of the Hand are the backbone of FFXIV's crafting subsystem, with each one specializing in crafting certain types of items.

  • Alchemist: Alchemists produce a variety of items, many of which are used by other Disciples of the Hand in their recipes. They specialize in potions as well, and are most Arcanist's grimoires are created or repaired by Alchemists. The Alchemist's Guild and the quest to unlock it can be found in Ul'dah's Steps of Thal.
  • Armorer: As the name suggests, Armorers specialize in creating armor, specifically that of the metal variety, mainly used by Gladiators and Marauders. Additionally, they create cooking utensils for use by Culinarians and alembics used by Alchemists. The Armorer's Guild is located in the same building as the Blacksmith's Guild, in Upper Limsa Lominsa, where you can unlock both of them.
  • Blacksmith: Blacksmiths deal primarily in the creation of metal weaponry, including swords for Gladiators and axes for Marauders. They also make many tools for Disciples of the Hand (including their own). As noted above, you can unlock Blacksmith in Upper Limsa Lominsa.
  • Carpenter: Carpenters specialize in items crafted primarily from wood, most notably bows used by Archers and many of the lances used by Lancers. Of slightly less broad utility than other Disciples of the Hand, Carpenters can also create a small subset of other items, such as spinning wheels for Weavers. You can unlock the Carpenter class in New Gridania.
  • Culinarian: The chefs of Eorzea, Culinarians specialize in various dishes, which can be used as items by players to gain temporary increases to their attributes. Since these meals can provide benefits to every class and job, a Culinarian's products are in high demand. The Culinarian's Guild has the quest to unlock the class, which is located in Upper Limsa Lominsa.
  • Goldsmith: Goldsmiths deal not only with gold but precious stones, creating jewelry such as rings and earrings. As everyone needs a full set of accessories for their each of their classes (with perhaps the exception of Fishers), a Goldsmith's talents are widely applicable. You can find the Goldsmith's guild and unlock the class in the Steps of Thal in Ul'dah.
  • Leatherworker: Leatherworkers turn animal hides and skins into leather armor, most of which is used by Archers, Lancers, and Pugilists. They can also create weapons for Pugilists and are responsible for making much of the gear used by Disciples of the Land. You unlock Leatherworker at the Leatherworker's Guild in Old Gridania.
  • Weaver: Weavers create a variety of items for use primarily by Disciples of Magic, and they're also the primary source of gear used by Disciples of the Hand. Because of the latter, they are a common first choice for anyone looking to master all of FFXIV's various crafts, as being able to create your own crafting gear is a useful boon. In Ul'dah's Steps of Thal, you'll find the Weaver's Guild, where you can unlock this class.

Disciples of the Land

A Botanist's unique armor set.
A Botanist's unique armor set. | Source

Supplemental to the Disciples of the Hand, Disciples of the Land gather materials that are necessary for most of the game's crafting recipes.

  • Botanist: As a Botanist, you'll gather materials (wood and various plants used to make yarn) used most often by Carpenters and Weavers. You can learn the ways of the Botanist in Old Gridania.
  • Fisher: Fishers catch fish and other marine life, primarily used by Culinarians for seafood dishes and occasionally by Alchemists in some of their concoctions. If you want to learn to fish, head to the Fisher's Guild in Lower Limsa Lominsa.
  • Miner: Miners primarily gather ore and raw gemstones for use by Armorers, Blacksmiths, and Goldsmiths. To learn how to use a pickaxe, head to the Miner's Guild in Ul'dah's Steps of Thal.

That covers each of the currently available classes and jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. More classes and jobs are on their way, including the soon-to-come Rogue class and associated Ninja job, scheduled for release in Patch 2.4.


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