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Classic Sega Genesis Games

Updated on February 22, 2014
The Genesis / Mega Drive
The Genesis / Mega Drive

A Cool Games Console

Although not as successful in Japan the Mega Drive or Genesis to give it its correct title became a phenomenon in the US, the UK and all over Europe and captured the majority of the 16 Bit market in these territories. The Genesis was released in 1989 in the USA and in 1990 in Europe. Helped by aggressive marketing aimed at the youth market the success of the Genesis console was certainly helped by having some brilliantly addictive games, none more so than its exclusive series Sonic The Hedgehog.


Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog became the mascot for Sega's 16 Bit console. The blue Hedgehog has to foil the plans of antagonist Doctor "Ivo Eggman" Robotnik and spoil his plans for world domination. Sonic travels through the games levels collecting power rings. Sonic can run at supersonic speeds and use his spin ball attack to knock down enemies. Sonic is one of the best known games console characters alongside his rival from Nintendo Mario.

Micro Machines

Also released on other platforms such as Nintendo and Playstation, Micro Machines became one of the best loved games on the Sega console. Micro Machines was a great fun game for all ages that featured tiny vehicles racing around various miniature circuits for example the garden or even a toilet seat, the tracks also featured everyday household objects acting as obstacles to the vehicles progress. Micro Machines was voted the 14th best game ever by Amiga Power magazine.

Action from Lemmings.
Action from Lemmings.


Another game that was released on multiple platforms Lemmings was a puzzle platformer game that became incredibly popular with gamers. The fundamental object of the game was to guide a number of Lemmings through a series of obstacles in order to save a designated amount of Lemmings and get them safely to that particular levels exit. The Lemmings were given a set of designated skills such as digger or climber in order to change the platforms landscape to help the player achieve their goal.

The title page for Streets Of Rage.
The title page for Streets Of Rage.

Streets Of Rage

One of the best loved " beat em up " games of all time. Streets Of Rage gave the player the option of choosing to be any one of three players ex police officers , Adam , Axel or the female Judo expert Blaze. The object of the game was to beat all enemies on each level of the game including the end of level " boss " before progressing to the next level. Weapons could be picked up along the way, knives, metal pipes etc and a special attack of calling the police was allowed once each level which would destroy any enemies that could be seen on screen. Two player mode was great fun as both players joined forces to beat the bad guys. The end of this game had an unusual ending if a player managed to get to the last level and confront the big boss, the player was offered the chance to join the boss at which point the game ended or fight the boss when the player had to defeat the boss in order to win the game.

Echo The Dolphin.
Echo The Dolphin.

Ecco The Dolphin

Originally released in 1992 Ecco The Dolphin was developed by Novotrade International for the Mega Drive. Ecco is a bottlenose Dolphin who has the ability to sing which allows him to interact with fellow Cetaceans and certain objects. Battling through the levels against an extraterrestrial race known as the Vortex, Ecco destroys his enemies by smashing into them at high speed, he can also use echo location to generate a map of the area he is in and each level contained a glyph which could help Ecco's cause or put obstacles in his way, some glyphs could give Ecco invulnerability. Of course being a mammal Ecco had to replenish his air supply periodically and so he would have to reach the surface or go to special air vents to avoid his health meter draining rapidly.

Cover of Golden Axe.
Cover of Golden Axe.

Golden Axe

Set in a fantasy barbarian land, the object of the game was to defeat the character Death Adder and retrieve the Golden Axe. Players could choose to play as anyone of three characters, Ax Battler a mighty barbarian warrior, Tyris Flare a beautiful , long sword wielding amazon or Gilius Thunderhead a dwarf from the mines of Wolud an expert with the battle axe. Players made progress through the levels of the game using their given weapons and casting spells that could destroy all on screen enemies, at certain points in the game steeds such as Cockatrice or Dragons were available to board to help fight Death Adders minions

Action from Chuck Rock.
Action from Chuck Rock.

Chuck Rock

This game was initially created for Atari and Amiga computers but became a firm favorite on the Genesis. Chuck Rock a Neanderthal like caveman has to rescue his blonde girlfriend Ophelia Rock from jealous bad guy Gary Gritter who has taken her to his home in the dinosaur graveyard. With his catchphrase of " Unga Bunga " and his belly bounce attack, Chuck battles dinosaurs, pre historic mammals, man eating plants and giant insects to rescue his true love. Great cartoonish slapstick fun. Chuck Rock 2 soon followed but was aimed at a very young audience.

James Pond

Featuring on many platforms in the 90s, James Pond was a massive hit on the Mega Drive. James Pond is a mutated mudskipper who is hired by the British Secret Service to protect the seas from the nefarious activities of the villainous Dr Maybe. The game parodies James Bond movies with platform titles such as " Leak and Let Die " and " License To Bubble ". Very much a puzzle solving game, James Pond has to find certain objects that allow tasks to be performed, for example release captured lobsters or rescue sponges that can block holes in leaking tankers. Pond can capture his enemies by firing bubbles that entrap them, popping the bubble finishes them off.


Obviously modern day games consoles have far better graphics than the 16 Bit Genesis but the Mega Drive holds fond memories for many gamers including myself. Although simple some of these games were amazing fun and are still enjoyable to play even today over 20 years from when most were released.


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    • Tonyx35 profile image

      J Antonio Marcelino 3 years ago from Illinois, USA

      I've seen Streets of Rage and other classic Sega Genesis games on Steam (for Windows PC). Cool, yet amusing at the same time that these. Wonder if they have any of those sprite smoothing features from the "Ultimate Genesis Collection"...

    • RolyRetro profile image

      RolyRetro 3 years ago from Brentwood, Essex, UK

      The sequels to both Street of Rage and Golden Axe were actually an improvement on the originals (in my opinion) with improved graphics and gameplay. If you only want to get one version of these games I would look at the later titles!

      Great hub, Cheers