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Are you Bored of Old Board Games?

Updated on April 2, 2015
Classic Board Game
Classic Board Game | Source

Are you Bored of Old Board Games?

Classic board games have had there time in the sun, although I sometimes like to revisit some of these only for the enjoyable memories they bring, I feel they no longer have a life they once had in the board game community. Some of the classic board game have been able to remain in existence today, but I feel this is only through the re branding of the some of the esthetics's and not of the game mechanics or rules where it would be severely needed. Don't get me wrong I'm sure there are some of the board game today that may have squeaked thought with the same problem, but we are now able to do a little research and find out about these games and avoid them. Just think only a few decades ago, we were stuck with a only few board games, because the limited selection, and availability.

Bored of Old Board Games Page Summary:

  • What Board Games Come To Mind?
  • Lack of Game Balance in Classic Board Games.
  • Untested Game Mechanic in Classic Board Games.
  • Board Games Have Come a Long Way.
  • The Power to See What You're Getting Before you Buy.
  • In Conclusion

A Great Board Game For Friends and Family!

What Board Games Come To Mind?

What three board games come to mind when you think about a family or friend board game night. Let me guess is it board games like Monopoly, Sorry!, or Trivial Pursuit. That was my experience growing up as well on our family game nights! Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with playing those types games, and they were certainly a lot a fun playing at that time.

It may be just me, but now being older the classic board games feel like they lack the certain quality that can sometimes be very frustrating to now play. The classic boards games we now know, although pleasant for the time don't compare to the newer board games we now have today. Board games like Monopoly have being a lot of fun to play growing up, but don't seem to give me the same pleasure.

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Lack of Game Balance in Classic Board Games.

As I have mention above, I feel somewhat disappointed from the lack of quality of certain classic board games. I don't want to point any fingers at any of these board games, but there must not have been a lot of control over quality when releasing board games in the old days. I also find that some of the classic board games also had a certain lack of game balance.

Most of the classic board games rely too much on luck, and dice rolls. I mean having to go around the board again and again, even though you are answering questions correctly, but not being able to get a game piece needed for you to win, just because you can't seem the land on the right spot on the board is extremely frustration. These rules are what make game play for classic board games unnecessarily long for no reason. Board games that rely solely on luck, or dice rolls in the game mechanic have lost there appealing and hopefully are becoming a thing of the past.

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Untested Game Mechanic in Classic Board Games.

Doesn't it sometimes feels that the classic board game are playing you. Most of the classic board games have also taken the decision making out of game play, forcing you to follow the same steps over, and over again till someone makes the right combination or reaches the right winning conditions dictated by very poorly, or lack of tested game rules, I'm assuming.

My greatest pet peeve for most of the classic board games, and I think you'll agree with me here, is player elimination. I'm not sure why this is even a game mechanic, I mean you get friends or family over to play board games with you, and in a few short rounds, you , or one of your friends gets eliminated. That person has now the options of sitting there and watch the outcome, and wait till the game ends, or start a new game with the other players that have also been eliminated, or go do something else in the meantime. Board games with untested game mechanic, and player elimination are in my humble opinion the worst types of board games to bring to family, and friend board game nights.

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Board Games Have Come a Long Way.

Board games have certainly come a long way since I was a kid, or is it only that it seems that way. When I was younger board games like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Sorry! Were some of the go to board games we had available to be played. I don't know if that was solely because of the limited board games selection we had in our time, or if it was because it was the only ones that we where aware of, and where featured at the local big brand stores.

Whatever that was the case or not, Im certainly glad that this is far from being the case today. We now have a greater selection of board games genres, and styles. Now a days it is now sometimes possible find any type board game that share similar interest with us. Board games like the ones based on video games (X-COM), movies , or TV shows (The Walking Dead) can now be available to us thought online merchant. This kind of selection wasn't available to us in the past. The selection of board games genres, and types have increased since I was but a boy, no longer are we limited to what is available to us in brick and mortar stores in our areas.


The Power to See What You're Getting Before you Buy.

One of the greatest advantages of YouTube channels, is that you get the opportunity to watch a lot of the newer board games being played, and then decide if you would like to purchase them for you collection. There are a lot of credible channels out there that will happily give you their opinion, and share their videos about how certain board game are meant to be played. Tabletop and Dice Tower are two that first come to mind. Tabletop offers you the chance to see internet, and television personalities play board games. Dice Tower delivers to you an unbiased review on most of the recent board games. The power of our purchasing power thought the use of the internet has resulted in a great quality board game standard that was lacking only a few short decade ago.

In Conclusion:

Classic board games are not like what we now have available for us today. It is very nice to have thought our collective voices a greater selection, a variety of genres, and a better and tested game mechanic for the board games of today. Along with being able to see what game components, and view the game play, it is also great to have accessibly to the newer board games within a few days of having ordered them. If not for these factor the board game industry would probably not be has prominent as it is today.

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