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Clay Craft Minecraft HD Texture Pack (128 x 128, 64 x 64)

Updated on May 1, 2011
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For more Minecraft HD Texture pack reviews, visit: | Source

If you don't like playing with clay then there's probably something wrong with the 'oooo squishy!' part of your brain and I suggest you have that looked at immediately. In spite of the obvious appeal of clay, I stayed away from this texture pack for a while because at first, I couldn't see the point of it. It looked at first glance like yet another 'smooth' texture pack and to be frank, 'smooth' textures are by far the easiest textures to make and as a result have been overdone. But this is much more than a smooth texture pack, this is a texture pack that makes your Minecraft game look as if it was rendered in claymation. Now that's a premise I can get behind.

Upon installation (HD texture pack installation is so much easier with the updated version of Xau's HD Patcher, that now allows you to patch the game once and then swap between different resolution texture packs in the texture pack selection screen) I was pleased to discover that this texture pack really does deliver what it promises to deliver. My lava fortress looked almost homely with thick, plasticine style lava flows and the landscape was lovely and soft, with flowers that really did look three dimensional.

All in all, the graphics have been done exceptionally well in this texture pack, though it does have the occasional oddity. There's something peculiar about the water animation that makes water seem to flow much faster than usual. I like it immensely, and when viewed from a reasonable distance (say 4- 5 meters away) the water has an almost solid, clay like texture that is quite masterful. Trees appear to have been dabbed together, which is nice, and the GUI is especially charming, with photo-realistic clay representations of tools and diamonds and whatnot. Animals have been reskinned with very charming results, they look just as if they had been put together with clay and left out overnight to harden, but happened to come alive and escape into the computer, where they are now having wacky adventures. There's a movie in that paragraph somewhere.

So, what is this texture pack suitable for? Well, it's probably suitable for kids, or kids at heart, or just anyone who wants an HD texture pack that isn't all grit and grime and men named Stewart spitting their teeth out all over the place. The clay style of the textures imparts an inherent friendliness to the game, and although creepers haven't gotten that memo, most of the time, you can walk about a soft and completely malleable wonderland.

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