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Climbing Frames and Swing Sets for Children

Updated on November 6, 2014

Climbing Frames and Swing Sets for Children for sale.

All children love an adventure, and once they have a climbing frame in their own garden, their new adventures will begin.

A climbing Frame is an imagination machine, drawing out the child's creative imagination as they create new uses for it, that adults would never conceive.

To a child, a climbing is not just a plaything to learn how to climb like a monkey, it is a pirate ship, where they are captain, repelling the hordes of boarders planning to make him walk the plank, or maybe a space ship exploring the farthest reaches of the solar system with Buzz Light Year as his new best friend.

A climbing frame has hundreds of imaginative uses, a fire or police station, a den where they can act out their little games, a hospital for all budding nurses, a castle to keep out the Black Knight, a fort to shelter away from the Red Indian arrows, or even a home for sick animals to wannabe vets.

We all loved climbing at one stage in our lives, imagine the fun we would have had as children if we had one !!

Climbing Frames with Swings

Climbing Frames with Slides or Swings will enhance the child's mental progression by releasing the imagination in them, and getting them outside and into the garden, away from the television set and those computer games.

Children have become to adapt to the way of life of the computer game, forgetting the natural stimulation of outdoor events, which help relationship building as they will usually play with other children and even the parents join in, and it is all good clean fun.

We all take children to the park, occasionally, and what do they play on ? the swings, the slide and the climbing frames, which is what you can have at home, you are bringing the park to them. You are encouraging your children or child to be more outgoing and to be self entertaining, with the added bonus of the climbing frame helping with a cardiovascular work out, for you and the child. It's a fun, healthy, safe and educational toy, and there are not many of them on the market which kids would warm to instantly.

Simple Swing Sets

A simple childrens swing set, one with a single swing, can bring so much joy to a child. It is a swing, it is a place to go to think, it is a place to have precious moments with mum, dad or grandad pushing him or her, its a place where they can bring their friends for fun and games, outdoors. Once you have bought a swin set, a child's imagination will take over from there, you will see the difference in that child. We did. From personal experience, one simple swing, brought our four kids, ages 12 and under, together for the first time in years. It was a plaything that they all could use, took turns and invented many different games with it, including swing ball, where one sits on the swing, and the other three throw a football in the air, the one on the swing kicks it and the others try to catch them out. The squeals of laughter would last for hours and we had to drag them indoors to get away from it, even in winter they were on it. We believe it also gave their eyes a much needed rest from computer screens.

Self Assembly

A typical climbing frame is an excellent choice, if you wish to push the boat out more, there are the ones shaped like pirate ships and castles. Wooden climbing frames will need to be re-varnished or treated every year to keep them in good condition, whereas plastic will need to be washed regularly. All climbing frames and swing sets will need to be securely fixed to the ground, most will allow for concreting into the ground or the use of metal post brackets instead. There are many hundreds of different style, makes and designs to choose from, for the full effect, the majority of the swing sets, climbing frames or slides are self assemble. Erect the climbing frame after they have gone to bed, and when they wake up it is fully operational, it is easier and less frustrating than getting them to help you put it together. You will not need any special tools to assemble your swing set or climbing frame, but you may want to check the manufacturers warranty for weight restrictions, if you want to go on it.


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