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Buy Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Lights Online

Updated on January 28, 2010

Best-Selling Cloud b Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light

Read the Twilight turtle night light review below! Buy now and save money and time!
Read the Twilight turtle night light review below! Buy now and save money and time!

Twilight Constellation Night Light Glowing Room

About Glow in the Dark Cloud b Twilight Turtle, Lady Bug, and Sea Turtle Night Lights

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Lights are extremely popular with parents of little ones. There are several Cloud b night light styles- the Twilight turtle, sea turtle, and lady bug. Twilight night lights by Cloud b have won several awards in the toy industry. If you have seen one, you understand why.

First, Cloud b Constellation night lights look completely different than normal nightlights. They don't look like night lights at all. They come shaped like animals, and look like stuffed plush toys. Twilight night lights would look completely at home nestled amongst a bunch of other stuffed animals on a bed during the day.

But the real magic happens at night! At bedtime, a Twilight constellation night light toy animal will light up the entire room, not just a small corner near an outlet. The calming effect is like sleeping under a starry night sky.

Constellation night lights actually make bedtime fun! Each Twilight sleep toy includes hand-painted craftsmanship. Cloud b also includes an adoption certificate, an illustrated star guide, and a story that explains how the constellations helped the Twilight turtle (or lady bug) find his way back home.

Another creative feature is that each of the Twilight night light animals can radiate different colors.

Cloud b night lights run on 3 AAA batteries. Each night light automatically shuts off after 45 minutes to help extend the battery life.

Twilight constellation night lights are the answer to every parents' prayers (and children's) who have a difficult time getting their little ones to sleep. This is a creative and fun solution for children who are afraid of the dark.

Twilight nightlight toys make great gifts for new parents and for baby showers, too. What a cute addition to a nursery!

Even adults have added Constellation night lights to their bedrooms! They say it helps create a relaxing atmosphere to drift off to sleep peacefully.

If you're thinking of buying a Twilight Constellation nightlight for a gift, the shipping would be easy. These cute night light toys are about 13 x 8 inches and weigh just a little over a pound.

Isn't he irresistible? How adorable he would look in a baby's room!
Isn't he irresistible? How adorable he would look in a baby's room!

Buy the Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light Now and Save!

Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light Reviews

As mentioned earlier, the Twilight turtle nightlight has an automatic 45 minute shut off timer to save on the inexpensive AAA batteries. Twilight turtle is the most popular of the Constellation night lights. No wonder- just look at him. He's adorable!

Twilight turtle illuminates in different colors. He has three color settings- cheery yellow, relaxing green, and pretty blue.

Watch little one's eyes light up along with the ceiling and walls when he sees his room transformed from a scary, dark room into a magical, relaxing getaway. This little constellation turtle is sure to speed up the sandman with some sweet dreams.

Here are some snippets of more actual reviews for the Twilight Turtle night light: Click on the link to the right for additional reviews!

"My three year old received this as a Christmas gift and even though he isn't afraid of the dark it helped him fall asleep faster. This was he favorite gift this year!"

"I left it at the foot of my daughter's bed and her room was covered with stars. So the look of enchantment on her face was worth the thirty bucks.." (But you can buy it here for even less!)

"I bought this for my 9 year old, but my 16 year old thinks its pretty awesome too..."

"My husband and I actually bought the turtle for ourselves..."

"I bought this product for my 2 year old nephew for Christmas and he loves it! He learned how to say "stars" that night!..."

"...feel like you are sleeping under the stars..."

Twilight Sea Turtle Night Light - Eligible for Free Shipping for Even More Savings!

Twilight Ladybug Night Light Glowing Green

More Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Lights- Sea Turtle and Lady Bug

First of all, let me say that I personally LOVE the Twilight Sea Turtle Constellation night light. He is the cutest thing ever! Just like the Twilight Turtle, he operates on 3 AAA batteries and has an automatic shutoff after 45 minutes to extend the batteries. He includes an adoption certificate, too. The Twilight turtle also comes with an illustrated, educational star guide.

How is he different than Twilight Turtle? Well, he's cheery blue and green in color. And he's a sea turtle!

Also, his shell alternates glowing images of five different endangered sea animals, one at a time. Teach your child early about these endangered animals, including Blue whales, California Sea Otters, Leatherback turtles, Vaquita dolphins, and Knysna seahorses.

Besides the star guide, a story is included with the Twilight Constellation sea turtle night light that teaches about endangered sea animals. What's even better? A portion of the profits of sales from the Twilight sea turtle night lights will go to an international conservation agency.

Twilight sea turtle's shell glows in three calming colors- blue, green, or aquamarine. It's your choice! Choose to light up the room with stars in restful blue or green. You can also choose both at the same time.

Twilight sea turtle is a bit bigger than the Twilight Turtle Constellation night light, but not much. Twilight sea turtle measures about 14 inches by 4 inches tall.

Buy your Twilight sea turtle nightlight today. Save money and help endangered animals at the same time, not to mention putting a smile on a child's (or parent's) face. You can click on the link to find out more or to see more images of enchanted, glowing rooms lit up by the Twilight constellation night lights.

Buy a Ladybug Night Light for Your Little Bug

Twilight Ladybug Constellation Nightlight Toy

Just like Twilight Turtle and sea turtle, the Twilight Lady Bug Constellation night light has an auto 45 minute shut off time. She operates on 3 AAA batteries. Cute little Twilight ladybug illuminates the bedroom with starry images projected on the ceiling and walls. She also comes with a star guide, adoption certificate, and her own story about finding her way back to Dad.

How is the Twilight Lady Bug toy different than the other Constellation nightlights?
She glows in different colors- cute ladybug red, dark blue, and deep green.

Twilight Lady Bug is a bit bigger, too- 14 x 5 inches.

Cute Twilight Turtle and Ladybug Nightlights for Sweet Dreams

Do you own a Twilight Constellation Nightlight? What do you think about it?

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