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Club Nintendo Finally Hits U.S. Shores

Updated on January 20, 2009

After a long wait, Club Nintendo has finally reached North American Shores. The club was started as a way for Japanese and European Nintendo fans to earn rewards for purchasing and registering Nintendo games and products. Such rewards include exclusive games, custom engraved Wii remotes, and other Nintendo memorabilia. Although many of the rewards are mere trinkets for the amount of points required to obtain them, American Nintendo fans (myself included) have long envied those of Japan and Europe for their access to such delightful treasures. Addressing the demands of American consumers, Nintendo finally brought Club Nintendo to U.S. shores as of December 2008. Replacing the previous system called My Nintendo, which allowed members to register their games to unlock additional game info on and enter contests, Club Nintendo now offers members the chance to register their games for "coins" which they can use towards a small selection of rewards previously only available overseas. Some of the pricier rewards include the Game And Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS, Hanadufa cards, and a Nintendo DS game rack displaying Mario's hat on each end. Each registered Wii game fetches for 50 coins a piece after completing a short survey, with DS games running for 30 coins. There are also extra benefits for members earning 300 or more coins in a year (from July 1st to June 30ththe following year). While it is hardly worth it to purchase games solely for the sake of earning coins, Nintendo players will no doubt find amusement and joy in registering their libraries in exchange for cool Nintendo memorabilia.


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