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CoD: Black Ops Rant

Updated on January 17, 2011
Death comes in many weapons in this thrilling action shooter
Death comes in many weapons in this thrilling action shooter

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

The latest installment in the highly prestigious Call of Duty Series, Black Ops puts you in the starring role of Special Forces Operative Alex Mason.

The game starts off with Mason in an interrogation room forced to relive the events that led him to this point. Being through some of the most famous battles in the 1960, you get to experience the realism and horror of war first-hand.

Graphics: Easily one of the greatest things about this game. The look and feel of the game from the levels to the characters is just simply stunning especially when everything enters slow motion, you will be amazed at the level of detail they bring into play.

Gameplay: When you're clearing room after room, the gameplay is smooth. However when you're out in the open, the gameplay gets a little confusing as the objective markers gives you no clear way of achieving an objective. If you want to get far in the game, you must adjust the Look Sensitivity in order to cover yourself at all angles. Like other titles in the series, there is no radar and this game desperately needed one. Though it is seemed to be in real time as the other titles, this is looking back on the events from the future, so the aspect of a radar element like in Assassin's Creed is applicable and an oversight by the game designers.

AI: The Enemy AI is brilliantly designed as they take cover, shoot you when they are far, and hit you when they are in melee. Ally AI leaves something more to be desired, too many times I've died for my allies let the enemies pass by them without a single shot fired.

Realism: The game is realistic in most cases. However I find it hard to believe that a shotgun fired at point-blank doesn't at least put the enemy on his back if not dead. Three shotgun shells point-blank to the chest and they are not dead? No, that's wrong. Not to mention some of the animations allude to the enemy being dead, but in fact they are injured, you run up and they kill you with a knife.

Story: Excellent story, one of the high points of the game. With many twists and turns during the missions, forcing the player to adapt in a moment's notice. Definitely a good way of keeping the player on their toes.

Multiplayer: The Multiplayer aspect of the game hasn't seen too much change from previous titles for I have played both CoD: Modern Warfare 2 and this game and found myself looking at a near mirror image.

Overall, this game is a great shooter game if you want to shoot people and blow stuff up, but in other aspects of the game, I find it lacking and in need of tweaking. The characters are engaging and the villains are actually villainous, which is a welcome change. If you are a veteran of the Call of Duty series, you will love it. If you're a new recruit to the series, then you may find yourselves a little overwhelmed and a little lost.


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