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Cobra Walkie Talkie

Updated on September 14, 2012

Cobra Walkie Talkies

Cobra Walkie Talkie

Nothing Comes Close to a Cobra

That is their tag-line. But it is ironic, with Cobras you really don't need to be close. Most models can reach an astounding 30 miles. They come with desktop chargers and rechargeable LiON batteries. Cobras have a great vibration alert system that can give you messages in a covert manner. Helpful when you are hunting. Cobra walkie talkies have the "roger beep" so you can confirm the message without having to explain yourself.

One practical aspect of the Cobra 2-way Walkie Talkie is its use of triple A batteries. Easy to charge, not expensive to buy. Very useful for a quality walkie talkie like Cobra.

Watch the Cobra Walkie Talkie in Action

Buying a Walkie Talkie

 Batteries- Many models have built-in batteries. These are nice because you can't lose the batteries, and, to charge the device, all you need to do is plug the walkie talkie into the wall. However, if you are going someplace outside for a long time and you want to communicate with a walkie talkie, it is better to have a device with a battery slot. Then you can bring extra batteries with you and go, for instance, on a hiking trip with full communication.

Simplicity- Determine if you want a simple push to talk device that gets you talking to your partner in no time. Some walkie talkies are voice activated, which is really cool because you can leave it on your belt or whatever and talk, kind of like a speaker phone.

 If you want some more controls available to you. You may want volume control and the ability to communicate with multiple devices.

Range- For most mundane communication, you don't need to worry about range. All walkie talkies will pretty much take care of your indoor needs. But if you are going on that hiking trip or some other outdoor venture, you may want to get a device that picks up from 4 or 5 miles away.

Is Cobra All That?

Cobra walkie talkies combine simplicity of use with stunning greatness. What other brand of walkie talkie allows you to communicate an astounding 30 miles away? Crips, clear sound and clean smooth voice pick-up. Cobras don't even cost more than the average brand of walkie talkie. This is definitely the brand for me. The snakes are cool too.


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