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Coca Cola Truck & Coca Cola Products

Updated on July 15, 2011

Coca Cola History

OK so I was pressing on with some online work and drinking from a Coca Cola bottle when I decided that I should do a hub dedicated to Coca Cola. I couldn't do the usual Coca Cola ingredients or Coca Cola vending machine collectables type hubs because it had to be something original and I saw that the Coca Cola truck receives 22,000 searches a month.

The yellow Coca Cola truck in the photograph below is a Studebaker from 1939 and I have tried to find the closest version in the model car section on Amazon that I added in the capsule to the right.

Photo courtesy of moonsoleil

History of Coca Cola

The Coca Cola truck in the photograph below this capsule is probably the oldest on this page, it looks circa 1920-30's and was restored in Daiba, Japan according to the Flickr uploader.

I couldn't find a model close to this on Amazon but you can see I have included an interesting 1932 Ford truck and a Mickey mouse Coke truck.

Photo courtesy of hugo90

Coca Cola Pictures

The Coca Cola delivery truck from the photograph below looks very much like a 1980-90's model and is very simplistic in design by using the existing white trailer with only a small rectangle Coca Cola brand. I wasn't able to find the exact model truck on Amazon but I did manage to find a similar one which was completely white and is designed by Kurt Adler, displayed to the right in the capsule.

Photo courtesy of cokestories

Coca Cola Advertising

Coca Cola advertising has been pushed to extremes in recent years, especially with the introduction of double decker delivery wagons and you are probably all to familiar with the Coca Cola Christmas advertisements and spectacular light displays on bridges and Santa lorries.

Now, what Coca-Cola hub would be complete without mentioning the age old rival 'Pepsi'? I have never seen a Pepsi truck but I love Pepsi and Diet Coke equally so I did a search for Pepsi collectable trucks on Amazon as well. I love the fact that Pepsi also have very similar 1930's delivery vans but it a rich royal blue.

Photo courtesy of rob-young

Coca Cola Enterprizes

I thought the Coca Cola truck in the photo above was particularly cool due to the fact it is modern in design, the only time I have ever seen this type of truck is in movies and it even reminds me of carnival trucks. Perhaps this was what Coca Cola intended when they chose this model, they want people to associate Coca Cola with celebration and festivity and rush to buy their product.

Photo courtesy of sillygwailo


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    • freecampingaussie profile image


      7 years ago from Southern Spain

      This is an Interesting hub lol ! Saw coke products for sale at a market recently . Like all your hubs .

    • PaperNotes profile image


      7 years ago

      I always love watching Coca Cola commercials with all the lighted trucks featured in them.


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