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Collection Creations

Updated on April 20, 2014
Schmidt Snoopy Music Box
Schmidt Snoopy Music Box

Collection Creations

Collections may begin in childhood with favorite items such as marbles, rocks, stamps, baseball cards, model cars, trains, hot wheel cars, coins, barbie dolls. Those cherished childhood collections at some time may be carefully stored away like a time capsule. Grown ups are especially fortunate to find a forgotten childhood collection.Those memories are priceless.

Significant times and life experiences may begin new collection creations. Your wedding day buying a home, graduations, sports interest or automobile enthusiast. Whatever the life event that sparks your interest in collecting certain items, the collection creation can preserve that special time.

Do you collect anything? Perfect Gift Ideas

Looking for and finding items of interest for a collection, is a special hobby for people around the world. The perfect question to ask someone when deciding what to buy them for a gift is,"Do you collect anything?" Usually, the person you ask that question too will give you an answer to what they are collecting.

Wizard Of Oz Collectible
Wizard Of Oz Collectible

Collections are reflections of you.

During early childhood my daughter watched The Wizard Of Oz over and over again..that was twenty five years ago. Why she watched the classic, Wizard Of Oz movie- sometimes five times a day was a mystery. Years later she told me it was the scarecrow she enjoyed, she said "He was just so nice". . She has a Wizard Of Oz collection and an Oz cell phone ringtone!

 Hummel Figurines- Going to grandfathers
Hummel Figurines- Going to grandfathers

Collectibles Are Products Made Specifically To Collect

Collectibles are products put on the market for the purpose of collecting. Hummel figurines, The Franklin Mint, Dansbury Collections and Precious Moments are famous collectible companies.

Collection items are endless, teddy bears, gemstones, records, watches, autographs, music boxes, decorations, toys, bottles, buttons, thimbles, vintage pictures are among the millions of items that people like to collect for interesting hobbies or personal interest and fun.

1960's Beatles Lunchbox
1960's Beatles Lunchbox

Valuable Rare Collection Items

When a item or product at some time becomes rare, unique or has an unusual circumstance attached, then that item may become valuable and a much sought after collection item, to an individual with an interest in that particular piece. (one of a kind).

Check For Sales On Favorite Collection Items

Old 1940's 1950's vinyl dolls look unique and rare, but have low dollar value. The old vinyl dolls in good condition make beautiful displays.

Vintage Avon perfume and after shave bottles that have been sitting around for a long time in collections, sale for $5.00 and $10.00. They are nice collection items and nick knacks.

Collecting neat things at garage and yard sales is fun. Maybe there is an awesome music box or old vintage Avon bottle that goes perfect with a collection, and it only cost $1.00. Whatever the passion is for collecting it is a good hobby!


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    • PhoenixV profile image

      PhoenixV 6 years ago from USA

      I used to collect old first edition books, but wouldve traded em all for the Beatles Lunch Box :)Voted Up !

    • profile image

      kelly colon 5 years ago

      "I have many doll that are made. Of chinaporlican and puppets

    • profile image

      gisela 4 years ago

      great post. i love to collect old metal lunch boxes too. here is a very useful guide with images, descriptions and values to each one hope its helpful.

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