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Collectible Toys

Updated on July 12, 2013

GI Joe Action Figures

A child with a variety of toys to play with.

As a child I remember playing with many action figures as I grew up. He-Man, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, The Transformers were all regularly saving something like a slipper from destruction.

The Denim mountains, the Shoe cavens, the Rucksack castle. All things that seem silly now but when setting up an entire battleground across a bedroom, they become perilous dangers for the adventuring heroes to pass.

Like many children with an active imagination it was all to easy to slip away and picture the scene that I had set for the characters and the day would pass before I could believe it and I can remember never wanting to go to bed as I was far to busy saving the day from something.

I always had to have all the characters, it made for bigger and better games and remembered their names precisely.

Toys in the Attic

Having grown up and moved out of my parents home a few years ago now. I left all my old toys and action figures behind. I assumed that they were thrown away when my parents had a clear-out or two.

So it was firstly a nice surprise to find that the toys had been retained for my children and nephews to play with when they went to visit their grandparents house and play.

They are in good condition as I always played nicely and looked after the toys so that I could play with them for as long as I wanted to.

When I first watched Toy Story I thought as I'm sure a few others did (Yep, that was me). It brought back a lot of memories of playtime with all these toys that I had. I know that I was lucky and am glad that I kept hold of them.


Out of sight, Out of mind

I think it's only because of the recent remaking of cartoons like Thundercats and Films like G.I.Joe that made me even think of the toys that I used to have sitting in a box somewhere.

I think if I ever found my old Optimus Prime my nephews and friends would attack me for it.

But I'm sure it's around somewhere if I can be bothered to go and look.

It was the more remote characters that I found that made me think the most. The He-Man figures like Prince Adam and Man at Arms that were busily been bashed together.

It was while I was visiting one day and was happily watching as my nephew played with one of my old action figures. for a laugh i looked them up on eBay to see how much they were worth, I suddenly thought, "Don't do that it's worth $50!" but instead I just smiled as he happily played quietly, thinking up weird and wonderful games himself.

The new games been played

Well the games that my young children and nephews have created for my old characters look like a lot of fun and I'm glad that they are enjoying them as much as I did.

Games like bash together, head chew and throw against the wall all look like fun and I'm sure that I played them once as well.

I just can't watch for to long or I start to want to take them away and put them somewhere safe.

Hopefully they will grow out of it soon and start playing a different more adventurous kind of game that doesn't end up breaking a 20 year old toy, if not their is always more in the box.

The Collectible Toy Industry

I know that there is a huge industry out there, and at any moment I could go and take all my old toys and put them on eBay or something like in the 40 year old virgin and just sell them to someone to raise some money.

But while they are been appreciated by a child and played with, then they are serving their purpose and if they lose value then so what. They are toys, the value they have is surely measured in how much joy they bring to someone.

So it isn't an industry that I think that I will venture into, instead i will just cringe as one of my loved action figures has there head bitten off or something, I think it's best I don't watch them.

Trading Cards

I always forget about these. I am not sure why, I mean everyone has them. "gotta collect them all" I know I have done it myself.

I innocently placed some Yu-Gi-Oh cards on eBay and was shocked by the bidding war that then went on for them. I mean, I know that people play, or collect them but I have had them sat in a box for a couple of years and as I am having a clear out i thought that I would sell them.

Not thinking I'd get anything for them it was a pleasant surprise.


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