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Collecting Starbucks Gift Cards

Updated on February 16, 2012

Believe it or not collecting gift cards can be very profitable. Don't believe me? Go to Ebay and search for "Starbucks gift cards" and you'll see thousands of auctions (with bids). The great thing about collecting gift cards is it can be virtually free!

What You Need To Know

Starbucks always has different gift cards you can purchase, however different regions and countries carry different styles of cards. This is the main reason why collecting Starbucks gift cards can be financially rewarding. Since 2001 Starbucks has been releasing cards for every holiday, season and important event (such as the Olympics). There are also city/state gift cards (San Francisco, Hawaii, Chicago, New York - to name a few). Serious collectors will be going after two different types of cards.

  1. Unique cards (such as city/state cards and event cards)
  2. Older Cards

How To Start Your Collection

The first thing you need to do is go to Starbucks! When you're ordering your drink, grab a card. You DO NOT have to place any money on the card, and most collectors prefer the cards not be swiped. If you frequent Starbucks often, ask your barista if they have any extras you can have. Customers carry the same card for years and when it's time for a new one they'll usually give their old cards to the cashier. Those cards are your golden ticket! If you want to go another route you can place bids on Ebay or go to a great website ( and buy the cards you want in your collection. This specific website will give you a great idea of how much your cards are worth (some go for over $100.00 bucks!)


How To Make Money

Once you've visited buckscards you'll know how much specific cards are worth. If you're on Ebay browsing and you see a "rare" card selling for $1.00, you definitely should buy it. Monitor Ebay and see what cards are selling. You can also sell your cards in lots (which is multiple cards for one price). You can also use resources such as Craigslist to sell your cards in your area.


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