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Red Swingline Stapler from Office Space

Updated on November 14, 2011
The classic Red Swingline stapler.
The classic Red Swingline stapler.

The Red Swingline Stapler

Whether you are a hardcore Office Space fan or simply need a high quality stapler to help you attach the cover page of your TPS reports, the Red Swingline stapler is perfect for you. In this hub I'll examine the background of this famous movie prop and how it made it's way into real world Offices. And if you really are interested, you can purchase your very own Swingline Stapler. Just make sure people don't keep taking it away from you like poor Milton.

No extra Flare, Just Stapling Perfection

The lovely cherry red chassy of the swingline stapler and it's classic styling make this the cream of the crop when it comes to all your stapling needs. Don't forget the fact that this retro chic piece of office machinery was also featured in the now infamous cult classic Office Space. Now you can staple in style and let all your office coworkers know that you are connoisseur of great comedy movies and flawless stapling. Simply check the amazon store below to pick up your own Collectable Red Swingline Stapler.

No, But I have an Idea of where you can get a new Red Swingline Stapler. Hint: see below.
No, But I have an Idea of where you can get a new Red Swingline Stapler. Hint: see below.

Origins of the Red Swingline Stapler

Swingline had at one point for a brief time, manufactered a classic red stapler. However they had not been doing so for years. At least not until Office Space introduced us to the sniveling Milton and his beloved red swingline stapler. Poor Milton couldn't seem to hold on to his cubicle or his beloved stapler. According to commentary on the DVD version of office space, the stapler was specially created for the movie. It was hand painted red by one of the film crew. Regardless of the fact that it didn't actually exist, real world Miltons in offices around the world fell in love with beautiful red stapler, and soon Swingline was inundated with requests. Swingline swung into action and started producing the distinctive red Swingline stapler for the masses and has met with great success since it began.

Now you too can own your own collectors red Swingline stapler. Just make sure your coworkers don't take it from you! (But who could blame them!)

Check out amazon's selection on the right. They have more than just staplers. You can find office space dvds and mousepads featuring office space quotes

It Makes a Great Office Gag Gift

Do you have a Milton in your office? How bout gifting him a one of these staplers. The look on everyone's face when a shiny new stapler arrives at the office just for him would be priceless. Or send everyone in your office a nice swingline stapler, so that nobody has to borrow yours.

Maybe you are an office manager or a small business owner. If you have a sense of humor and a need for office supplies pick up a bunch of these and increase moral amongst your employees.

If you have no Idea what this article is all about then check out the DVDs above!


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    • vaguesan profile image

      vaguesan 7 years ago from Osaka, Japan

      Sorry for the extremely late response, but yeah, I didn't know that trivia about the stapler until I did the research. I bet it's one of their top selling staplers.

    • profile image

      Jeff_McRitchie 7 years ago

      This is a terrific article about a great stapler. (The movie is also pretty good.) It's pretty amazing that Swingline started making the red staplers because of the movie's popularity.