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College Beer Pong Rules

Updated on May 17, 2016

Set Up

The set up is on a white extended table or actual beer pong table with 2 equal sides made up of:

  • 10 Cups (each side)
  • 2 Ping Pong Balls
  • One extra cup on the side for your own personal drink.
  • Filled up with 1/4th of the cup (Water) why water? Because the ball gets on the floor and what not.
  • Centered in the middle of your side and as far back as possible (Leave about 2 inches of space)



Game Instructions

The game of beer-pong is played by two teams who go head to head or a one on one match. Next, is to determine who shoots first and then follow up on any rules . (More in detail below)There are two balls used and each side has two chances to shoot ( One time each player or two times one single player if its a one on one match) . The main objective is to shoot the pong balls to your opponents side and make them into the cups. Whoever eliminates the cups first, wins!

Beginning Rules

1. Determine the challenge on whether it will be a 1v1 match or a 2v2 match.

2. Who will go first? How do you decide?Here are some options:

  • Each player grabs one pong and stares into opponents eyes and shoots into the opposite team's cups and whoever makes it in wins. (Repeat until someone misses)
  • Flip a coin
  • Paper, scissor, rock

3. Determine house rules such as :

  • Unlimited sniping: Calling out a shot before shooting can result in a two cup reward; so, the cup that you made the ball in will be out plus one additional cup.
  • One celebrity shot: An external person can take a shot for you which takes your turn.
  • Re-racks: Generally you only have 2 re-racks per each side of the team
  • Pull out ball: Call out "pull out ball" so the cup wont be able to be taken out of the game to the side of the table and gives an opportunity to shoot another ball in the same cup which gives you a chance to get 2 balls in one cup and gives you a 3 cup reward.
  • 2 Balls in same cup: This is game! However, I think that it's best if you just count this as 3 cups.

Starting Rules

Know what is allowed and what isn't/ Every Rule

  1. Bounce: A bounce on the table into a cup will give you a 2 cup reward .
  2. Sniping: If you call out a cup of choice and make it in, you get rewarded two cups (One being the one that you made in and the other is of your choice)
  3. Roll out: If the ball rolls from one cup to another , you count the first cup (that rolls out of) and the other one ( the one that goes in).
  4. Island: You made it possible to have your opponents cup separate from the rest, calling "island" and making it in that cup will result in a 2 cup reward.
  5. Hand Slap: If you touch the ball in any way (most likely hand) and touch it before it touches a cup, it is a penalty for one cup on your side.
  6. Elbows: Do not shoot the ball passing the edge of the table with your elbows being the leading point. If you do, the shot will not count and it is a loss of a turn.
  7. Balls Back: In the event of making both balls from your side to your opponents cup, you get the balls back and go again until you miss 1 of the 2 balls.
  8. Continuous shots : After making one shot in, you start to develop a consecutive call opportunity. The next time you go, you can start calling off these two things:
  • 1. After the first shot, you call out "Heading up"
  • 2. On the third shot you make in, you call out "On Fire" and this is where you get the ultimate privileged of getting the ball back and keep shooting until you miss.
  • 3. After you miss, it resets all over and you start again.

9. Ways to prevent a cup score: In the event that the ball rolls around the cup after you shoot in, you can do two things to prevent the shot from completely falling in the water:

  • Guys: Finger the ball out as it rolls around the cup.
  • Girls: Blow the ball out as it rolls around the cup.
  • Wave hands around or do w.e as long as you don't touch the player.
  • If the ball is bounced from the table, you can slap it in the process.
  • Call out elbows or any other possible penalty.

10.Death Cup: If you shoot a pong into your opponents cup as he is drinking his side drink, you win!

11. Redemption: If your side wins and makes all the cups on your opponents side, your opponent has the opportunity to redeem themselves and shoot until they miss and if they make the rest of the cups; a redemption match takes place. In the event that the redemption match occurs, both sides will set up a triangle formation of 3 cups in the back, 2 in the middle and 1 in the front until somebody wins.

12. Alternate Win: Besides slaying your opponent, you can be left with the final cup and have two balls to your possession. If you make the two balls into that last cup, YOU WIN AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT REDEMPTION.

13.Number of Re-Racks: Each side has 2 re racks per game and the variations are below in pictures.


Throwing Angles


Re Rack Types


Beginners guide



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