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Color by Disney Brings Coloring Fun to Mobile

Updated on January 19, 2017
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Alexandria has been playing video games since the days of the Sega Genesis. She's been writing about video games going on four years.

Disney is bringing a new app onto the mobile scene, and this time it’s for adults. Called Color by Disney, the app brings Disney’s “Art of Coloring” adult coloring book series to a digital platform to be enjoyed on the go. The new app is available now for a subscription fee.

Color Your Disney Favorites on the Go

For many the once considered childish pastime of coloring is a relaxing exercise and great way to practice mindfulness. The recent trend of adult coloring books has made more intricate and interesting pictures available to color than your standard kiddie coloring pages. Disney’s new app is making iconic characters from Disney and Pixar films available to color with all the intricate details of an adult coloring book. Even better, Color by Disney allows users to get a dose of artistic relaxation on the go.

The coloring app includes a large selection of artwork to enhance. Pictures feature Pixar and Disney characters from classics like The Lion King to new favorites like Frozen and Moana. New content will be added weekly so there will always be something new to try out and relieve your stress.


A Variety of Colors and Subscriptions

Instead of coloring paper with pens and pencils, users will decorate their digital images by choosing a color and selecting the area they want to fill in. With color palettes inspired by the movies there’s plenty of variety to choose from to make your visions come to life. There are also gradients, filters and other special effects to add a touch of movie magic to your artwork.Social media plug-ins are integrated into the app so digital artists can share their beautiful creations with ease.

Color by Disney will be an always-on service available with a subscription. All access subscriptions range from $2.99 for a week to $7.99 for a month of $39.99 for a year. You can try a 7 day free trial by downloading the game for iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices.



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