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Remote and Nunchuk Wii Skins

Updated on September 6, 2009

Personalize Your Wii Remote and Nunchuk

Why be boring. Add some color to your Wii Remote and Nunchuk with Wii skins and set yours apart from everyone elses.

I purchased different color Wii Skins for Remote and Nunchuk so that I would know which remote and nunchuk was mine and which was for my guest.

These aren't just for looks. The Remote and Nunchuk Wii Skins protect and prevent slipping while playing. The silicone has a rubber like grip so you are less likely to throw your very expensive controllers through the TV. (Always wear the wrist band just in case!)

Cleaning Wii Skins

Silicone Wii Skins can easily be cleaned by removing from the Remote or Nunchuk and then washing in warm soapy water. Leave out to air dry and then place back on the remote or nunchuk. Regular cleaning reduces the spread of germs.

Wii Skin's Protect Your Remote and Nunchuk

  • Wii Skins protect your remote and nunchuk from scratches and dirt.
  • High quality silicone removes easily for cleaning. Regular cleaning lowers the spread of germs
  • The slip free grip of the Wii skin makes it easier to hold on to and reduces the chance dropping or being thrown out of control
  • Easy to slip on and remove

Buying Nintendo Wii Skins

Never pay more than $7 for a single set of Nintendo Wii Skins. This s a fair proce but you can get them for even cheaper. Most sellers on Ebay will list the regular price and the shipping to add up to around $5.


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