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Command and Conquer 4 Tiberium twilight

Updated on April 1, 2010


A fantastic blend of good old fashioned command and conquer, with the new and conclusive ideas from the 3rd game, the story is fantastic, and for all you fans of Kane rejoice (don’t wanna ruin why!) This game drastically blurs the lines between the "good" GDI and the "evil" Brotherhood of Nod, and gives you an entirely first person feel like never before. This is by far the best Command & conquer story yet! 20/20

Graphics -
Incredible and smooth they blend together environments and units seamlessly, nothing really looks out of place, or just plain wacky, it all fits into this pseudo-apocalyptic world. The crisp and clean feel of the units makes it all feel truly epic and futuristic. 10/10

Game play-
New and interesting, but you can still feel the old Command & Conquer games deep inside, This is the first C&C game to have a real competitive feel to the skirmishes, and I can see this one living long on a championship gaming circuit. 15/15

Enjoy ability-
Quite an enjoyable game, it comes with a good old fashioned first person RTS feel, of course since there's no such thing, you'll have to make your own conclusions of the truly enjoyable feel and shock of this game. 20/20

Art direction-
The Nod have kept their dark and foreboding feel and look, the GDI still hold their heads high with a holier than tho attitude that rings true in how they look. But the Forgotten have truly dropped in awesomeness, the Visceroids aren't scary at all and the other units are a robot that uses a melee attack which is awesome and a buss that’s ridiculously stupid.  7/10

Sound &VA-
As flawless and epic as always, my favorite line from the game, "What a sweet suite" comes from a Nod unit with a fairly pronounced lisp. The cut scenes are filled with the epic awesomeness from all the other C&C games. 10/10

Quite long, but not to long, in fact each and every level is perfectly logical in length and placement, though the last 2 of the GDI should have been merged into one level simply for logics sake. 15/15

Total- 97/100

Bottom line-This game is great fun, and an incredible C&C game, truly one for the ages, it seems that they laid it all out for the final game and it was a great success.


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