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Company of Heroes

Updated on January 20, 2014


Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game that allows you to battle the rivaling factions of World War II, containing the great aspects of base building, unit building, and cover. This game also offers an unbelievably great multi-player that is sure to keep you playing for hours, as the strategic minds of players are pitted against each other. Company of Heroes revolves around the micromanagement of units in order to give the player the advantage. Tales of Valor is the latest release of this game, adding new units to each of the four different factions.

The multiplayer of this game starts out with one unit, and from there, you have the option to choose the direction you want to take your army through the different buildings, which all allow the building of different units. Each faction has different units, and each of these units has a different effectiveness in battle, and in order to find success, you must asses the battlefield and decide what unit would be best to build. In addition to units, this game also focus on the capture and defense of important strategic points. There are three different types of points and each has a different benefit in obtaining an important resource or the connection of these points.

Territory Points

Fuel: An essential part of the game, fuel points allow the increase in this specific resource which allows for upgrades, and the completion of new buildings and vehicles. A key aspect of this game is vehicles as they increase the complexity of the game. When playing, you must focus on the gas points, especially as the American and Panzer Elite factions, as it is the key to the success of these armies. Not to say that it is not vital with the others, but the other factions, Wehrmacht and British, but these factions are more able to function without an enormous surplus of fuel.

Munitions:  In Company of Heroes munitions play a key role in the upgrades of some units, and also the use of off map artillery.  Munitions points are key in upgrading certain units combat effectiveness, as well as denying the enemy access to these upgrades, in turn, offering you the advantage.

Strategic Points:  These points exist for the purpose of connecting the territory between you and the resource points.  An important factor in the game, these points allow you to connect, but also to cut of enemy territory.  When playing as the American faction, it is important that you always capture points and attempt to cut of the enemies supplies.

Victory Points: There are three victory points scattered across the map, and these points connect with a 500 point timer. First one to run out of points loses. If you control one and your opponent has 2, then you will lose 1 point continuously until you cap on of your oppenents

Tips and Tricks: When playing Company of Heroes, it is important that you never "camp", so to speak, with your units but always focus on capturing more territory. It is vital to always attempt to sneak past enemy lines and cut off supplies in whatever way you can. In order to achieve success as the Panzer Elite, you must always focus on obtaining all the fuel points possible, rather than trying to settle on one.


In Company of Heroes, there are the options of four different factions. Each of these factions has different units and runs a different type of operation, relying on different resources and having different advantages and disadvantages. These factions also have different levels of difficulty; important to note when choosing a faction based on skill level.

America: The American faction is the most played faction, and revolves around mobility. The American army, especially the rifleman, have a very high capping speed, making it very easy to capture territory and disrupt enemy supply lines. When starting out, it is important to note that the American Army is one of the easier factions to play in Company of Heroes, and is a great one to start out playing when you are new.


  • Riflemen
  • Paratroopers 
  • Rangers
  • Jeep
  • Machine Gun Team
  • Mortar Team
  • Sniper
  • 57mm AT Gun
  • Staghound Armored Car
  • Half track
  • Sherman
  • Crocodile Sherman
  • M10 or Hellcat
  • Pershing
  • Calliope 

Tips:  When playing American, I would recommend starting out by building a barracks, from there you can focus on building Rifleman.  As far as build order goes, a 3 rifle start is the best way to go, due to the fact that you will obtain much more resources and manpower as opposed to building four. When you build three, it allows to to move through the tiers faster, and upgrade your riflemen with better weapons and equipment.  Capping points is key.  Like I said before, the American riflemen cap with at a faster speed.  Take advantage of this and capture whenever possible.

British: The second, and arguably the most powerful faction, the British army is very powerful if used correctly. They start out with a very powerful Infantry Section equipped with the recon upgrade. British headquarters are very different than the other factions, because they are mobile and can be placed anywhere on the battlefield. When you place an HQ truck on a point, it is secured and obtains more resources and the point cannot be capture by the enemy. The British also have the option to build emplacements. These are good when used in moderations, but do not spam them. It rarely works, especially against good players.  The British incorporate the element of commanding officers, which, when built, offer bonuses to the units in their area.


  • Infantry Section
  • Commando
  • Bren Carrier
  • Lieutenant
  • Sappers
  • Captain
  • Stewart Light Tanks
  • Roo or Cromwell
  • Command Tank or Staghound
  • Firefly
  • Churchill
  • Mortar Churchill
  • Crocidile Churchill

Tips:  It is vital to the success of a British Player to mobilize their HQ.  When playing British, one of the toughest things to deal with is MG42s.  An easy solution to this is to build a mortar pit somewhere close to your Head Quarter, so it does not get locked down by MGs.  The British army is not very mobile, at all.  You will noticed a movement penalty to you units when they are outside your territory without a Lieutenant, which makes it difficult to capture points.  Due to the lack of movement penalty for a lieutenant, it is important to build one first and allow him to capture points.

Wehrmacht:  One of the two axis factions of the game, this faction can be rather tough to play and learn, but one you get the basics of this faction down, they are very powerful.  Wehrmacht relys on MG42's early game to lock down important territory, as well as infantry units to help support.  They are a late game power, and their power comes from their armor.  Similar to World War II, the German Tanks were the best.  This is also true in Company of Heroes.  When playing this faction, you should either focus on upgrading your units, or focus on getting armor.


  • Pioneers
  • Motorcycle
  • Volksgenadier
  • MG42 Team
  • Genadier
  • Storm Trooper
  • Half Track
  • Pak Anti-Tank Gun
  • Motor Squad
  • NebelWefer Artillery
  • Lieutenant
  • Puma Armored Car
  • Stug IV
  • Stuh IV
  • Ostwind Flak-Panzer
  • Panzer IV
  • Panther
  • Tiger Tank
  • King Tiger

Tips:  Wehrmacht is a faction that relies on an MG42 for support.  It is vital that you build on and use it to help your troops on the battlefield.  It is also import to get an Anti-Tank gun as soon as possible, and camo it in a good location.  Other than that, you can focus on cracking your infantry, or buying veterancy, depending if you have the map control to obtain tanks.

Panzer Elite: Quite possibly the hardest faction to play, the Panzer Elite are the second Axis faction. Their first unit is a powerful infantry unit that is very versatile. Panzer Elite infantry can repair vehicles, and build base buildings. One disadvantage of this faction is the capping speed. They have a very slow capping speed, and it is very easy to lose units.


  • Panzer Grenadiers
  • Kettengrad
  • Scout Car
  • Luftwaffe Ground Forces
  • Fallschrimjager
  • Munitions Half-Track
  • Vampire Half-Track
  • Tank Busters
  • Infantry Half-Track
  • Mortar Half-Track
  • Armored Car
  • Assault Grenadiers
  • Marder III
  • Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank
  • Light AT Half-Track
  • Panther Battle Group
  • Hetzer
  • Jagd Panther

Tips:  Panzer Elite is a faction that relies on vehicles for support.  It is because of this, that it is vital to control fuel points to pump out vehicles fast, and deny the enemy fuel.  The only way I have found success is by rushing to armored cars very fast, with a 3 Panzer Grenadier start.  It takes a really solid micro to keep these cars alive, so make sure you watch them like a hawk.


All in all, Company of Heroes is one of the best computer games I have ever played. It has everything you need to keep playing for hours on end. Due to the variation in the units and with aspects like cover and vehicles, no two games you play will ever be the same.

Feel free to leave a comment and rate this article if you found it useful. I would be happy to answer any questions you have.  Also, if you want to catch a game with me, contact me, and I would be happy to play with you for recreation or education.


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    • passthejelly profile imageAUTHOR

      Mark Passarelli 

      7 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Yeah man. Thanks

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      that was damn good pio micro, with only vet 1


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