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Updated on January 4, 2011

Computer games not a waste of time???


Computer and video games: Not a waste of time anymore

Most if not all parents would love to get their kids off the ‘crazy' video games they seem to be addicted to. Good news for you all. You don't need to fret anymore.There seems to be some good coming off these games after all.....if some Psychologists are to be believed.

What good could be there in manipulating these animations into what you want them to do?

The good news is that there are more than a few benefits. So here goes...

Games help to improve the kids' eye-hand co-ordination.

It helps the kids make decisions...even multiple decisions in a few seconds.

It helps them to learn multi tasking

Some games help them in learning problem solving skills

It makes them learn many other life skills

Video and computer games can improve the motor and cognitive skills of children

These games are not only good entertainment, but also good stress busters

These games can also be a safety valve for frustration and anger especially for aggressive kids all moms would accept, it offers excellent day care for those of you who have been overworked at times.

That does not mean that you can let your kids spend their time at will on these games. There has to be parental control on what they play and how long they play. Avoid overly aggressive games and limit the time the kids are at the console of a games station. Spending too much time can cause loss of concentration and it may be bad for the eyes staring at the monitor for a very long time.

Computer and video games can be addictive sometimes too. So exercise caution while you allow your kids to play on their video or computer games, but they sure are not as terrible as some of us make it out to be. It is of course better than letting your little one play in the neighborhood in an unpredictable environment unsupervised.


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