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Conker's Bad Fur Day: a Game of Vulgarity

Updated on February 15, 2015

Nintendo 64 History

Nintendo has had fame in the fact that most of is games could be enjoyed by people of all ages, yet still maintain an engaging story. But there was one game for the Nintendo 64 that was anything but enjoyable for people of all ages, mostly because of its crude aesthetics. Conker's Bad Fur Day, released in 2001 for the Nintendo 64, was a video game that was not like anything made by Nintendo. Developed by Rare, Conker's Bad Fur Day was filled with explicit humor, real-life references that were only suitable for legally adult gamers, and some of the fights could get hilariously disgusting. The player, as Conker the Squirrel, had to traverse a colorfully vibrant world that was filled with characters that were rude, used bad language for a majority of their dialogue with Conker, and said or did things that parents would have deemed unsuitable for young children. Some of the tasks that Conker had to do were also unsuitable for children in that some scenes that were shown when Conker completed a task could be seen as disgusting, like tricking a cow to drink a laxative and making her defecate a huge amount of feces for anthropomorphic dung beetles. Even the boss fights were memorable in their gross, immature content, like the giant, opera singing poop Conker had to fight at one point. Conker's Bad Fur Day was one of Nintendo's rare Mature-rated games, and it earned that rating with what it had the player experience.

An awesome game. A subverted children's game.
An awesome game. A subverted children's game.
Believe it or not, this scarecrow taught the player about context-sensitive commands. While completely drunk.
Believe it or not, this scarecrow taught the player about context-sensitive commands. While completely drunk.


Conker's Bad Fur Day established its immature, crass, and "not suitable for children" content when the player saw a scene of Conker using a chainsaw to bisect the Nintendo 64 logo and replace it with a Rare logo. During the actual game it was made very clear that Conker was at a bar getting drunk. He was an alcoholic. What was also included in the opening scene was that he had a girlfriend named Berri who he called to say that he was at a bar drinking with some buddies who were going to to fight in some war. After binge drinking and vomiting profusely outside of the bar, Conker tries to find his way home. In fact Conker's Fur Day could be summed up as Conker's attempts to get home. Which he does, but not before going through a tutorial level that allowed the player to make Conker sober and learn the basic controls of the game.

  • When meeting-up with the scarecrow, named Birdy, who teaches Conker context-sensitive commands to help him. When the player stepped on the part of the ground that looked like the Nintendo 64"s "B" button, a light bulb turned-on meaning pressing the actual "B" button would allow Conker to do some action not normally available in the game. In this case, bringing out another beer bottle, which Birdy promptly drank. On another area where Conker could do another context-sensitive action gave Conker a glass of water and some Alka-Seltzer, which instantly made Conker sober again. Which meant that the player was ready to learn some other moves.
  • Another move Conker learned was how to jump really high and hover, which meant that the player had to press the "Z" button on the Nintendo 64 controller and then the "A" button to jump higher. When the player was in the air, pressing the "A" button again allowed Conker to hover for a moment, which was useful for crossing giant gaps.
  • The next opportunity to learn a new move came from a gargoyle blocking the road to Conker's house. Here Conker learned how to use a basic attack. Pressing the "B" button when not doing a context-sensitive command caused Conker to bring out a frying pan to hit enemies. Which he did to the gargoyle. Unfortunately, hitting the gargoyle caused rocks to fall and block the way to Conker's house. Which meant that the player had to play a bit longer.

This was a required event. Also, this image was from a High-Definition remake of the game.
This was a required event. Also, this image was from a High-Definition remake of the game.


To get back to Conker's house, the player, as Conker, had to explore the world of Conker's Bad Fur Day and complete missions to proceed further. With the crude humor that this game contained, that meant doing some really disgusting things. One mission involved providing anthropomorphic dung beetles poop for some reason. In this case cow poop. With the promise of the possession of a free ball of poop. Luckily there was a farm nearby which had its supply of cows with which Conker could force to defecate and collect huge masses of poop. Coincidentally there was also a makeshift toilet in the center of the farm. But there was one single problem.

  • There was a bull who constantly charged at Conker and damage him with his horns, mostly on account of Conker being a red squirrel and the stereotype of bulls hating the color red. The player had to avoid the bull and make their way up to a mechanical device where prune juice fills up a feeding area. Conker then had the bull headbutt a switch that released a single cow into the center of the farm. Said cow then began eating the grass. Conker then had to fin a way to make the cow drink the prune juice and produce the poop that Conker needed to advance the plot of the game. This involved trying to ride the bull that was trying to ram Conker.
  • As Conker, the player then had to find a way to ride the bull and use it to force the cow to drink the prune juice. This was accomplished by getting the cow's horn stuck to a wall. After jumping onto the bull's back and gaining control of him, Conker then proceeded to ram the cow. Acting humiliated the the gesture, then went to the feeding are to wash the grass she ate down. After drinking the prune juice, the cow then began the process of defecating copious amounts of feces. After the event scene that displayed the cow defecating in the toilet at the center of the field, Conker immediately had the bull charge at the cow, killing her.
  • After the cow died, Conker then had to repeat the same process two more times. After the third cow was killed, the bull Conker was riding on then was stuck in the middle of the toilet that was used by the three other cows. He immediately laments about how he was apparently fat, just as the metal drain breaks, and he falls into the toilet. The bull was never heard from again after this part.
  • Conker then falls into the toilet, free to proceed to the next level.

One of the most well known bosses in recent years. A giant singing piece of fecal material.
One of the most well known bosses in recent years. A giant singing piece of fecal material.

Memorable Boss

Like most video games Conker's Bad Fur Day had bosses. However, what made these bosses different from other video game bosses were there hilarious introductions and reasons for fighting in the first place. One level had both an interesting location and an interesting boss. Inside of a mountain made out of fecal material, Conker came across a lone talking dung beetle. The dung beetle then told a story about how something was killing other dung beetles for no good reason. Conker would later find out who was responsible after fulfilling a certain request.

  • A disembodied voice commanded Conker to bring him some sweet corn. The player, as Conker, naturally does what the voice said. Then an event scene played revealed that the disembodied voice was the Great Mighty Poo, a giant, opera singing piece of fecal material.
  • Conker then had to defeat this boss by using context-sensitive buttons to lob toilet paper into its mouth. Eventually the Great Mighty Poo's singing eventually caused a glass barrier to shatter, revealing a flushing mechanism.
  • When Conker used the flushing mechanism, this defeated the Great Mighty Poo by literally flushing him.


Conker's Bad Fur Day was a good game, but it was not highly sought due to Nintendo disliking its explicit content. The game was unique in how Rare, a game company famed for making cute but difficult video games, made a game that was not targeted for Nintendo's primarily young demographic. It was crude, disgusting, and immature. But it was hilarious at the same time.


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    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      19 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      My girlfriend Isabel loves this game.


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