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Console Game Reviews:Rayman Origins

Updated on July 7, 2012

When it comes to characters that are a part of the action/platform genre, there are only a few characters that are memorable. Some of those characters include names that you may be familiar with if you’re a platform gamer. A few of those names include Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Toejam and Earl and Bug.

But there is one character that I purposely left out of the list for a reason, and that character's name is …Rayman. Rayman's first appearance on a gaming console was back in September of 1995, and much like Sonic's first appearance you were almost immediately hooked on this quirky little character the minute you first laid eyes on him.

Rayman is a unique and quirky character. When you first see him appear on your television screen, the first thing that you notice about the little guy is that he has no discernible hands, feet or a neck for that matter. And this is what makes the character fun to watch when he's moving along the side-scrolling screens of each game screen.

The Rayman franchise has seen many releases since the little guy's first adventure, but none that I’ve looked forward to more than his latest release called Rayman Origins, released back in November of 2011 by Ubi Soft.

The latest release in this series features Rayman (of course) and his best bud, Globox. In the game Rayman and Globox traverse the Glade of Dreams, where they fight off Darktoons and a bunch of other mischievous and dangerous nightmares.

The plot of the game is fairly simple, Rayman and Globox and a few of their Teensie friends are napping in the Glade of Dreams, a place that was created by a mysterious figure known as the Bubble Dreamer.

Regrettably, their napping is anything but peaceful, and so they awaken the granny from the Underworld, and she retaliates by releasing an evil horde of horrendous creatures and of course this is where the fun of the game begins.

Players get to select either Rayman or Globox or the two Teensies, and you get to travel through the levels, acquiring new powers and abilities along the way, as they progress through the levels of the game. Your task as you go through the levels is to find and release the “Electoons” that had been captured during the opening scenes of the game.

There are very cool things that we get to see in this new game including Rayman gliding in midair, and in later levels in the game, players are able to ride on the back of a mosquito, suck up their enemies and shoot them at other enemies, and other strange and weird things that just add to the overall wackiness of the game. It’s time to enjoy the experience of playing a platformer all over again with the release of Rayman Origins.


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