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Cool Funko items you probably didn't know about

Updated on July 9, 2015

Futurama wacky wobblers

Futurama wacky wobblers
Futurama wacky wobblers

So most people aren't aware that funko makes more than just vinyl pops, but in my opinion most of their best items are from their wacky wobbler line. This used to be their bread and butter before pops took the world by storm, and if you are as big of a Futurama fan as I am then you definitely want to add these to your collection. These, as well as most things on this list will be hard to come by in your average store anymore. Online is probably your best bet to get your hands on these and if you get lucky maybe a local flea market

Shao Kahn wobbler

Shao Kahn wacky wobbler
Shao Kahn wacky wobbler

As I have said, I have a weakness for the wobblers, but honestly funk just made some really impressive looking wobblers! Shao Kahn's detail is incredible and you would be hard pressed to find a pop with this much detail. Funko certainly gives a lot of fan service to gamers but this Shao Kahn wobbler may very well be one of the best gaming related funko items out there and if you are a mortal kombat fan there is nothing more satisfying than getting a head bobble from the former ruler of outworld as you finish your enemy with a fatality.

Cthulhu wacky wobbler

This is probably my favorite wobbler out there. Not only is it larger than most other wobblers, but the box art fits perfectly with the wobbler to create the perfect display piece for any Lovecraft fan. If you are a fan of Cthulhu or even mythical creatures in general than this is a very impressive item to have in your collection that won't exactly cost you an arm and a leg. While these aren't exactly common, they are still around on line for prices that won't give you a heart attack so if you are a Lovecraft fan then take advantage while they are still around.

Funko bobble breeze

stewie bobble breeze
stewie bobble breeze

Unfortunately this is the line Funko completely dropped. These are awesome to sit on your dashboard while they release refreshing fragrances and nod down the highway. Refill scents for these however are almost entirely impossible to find anymore which means once the original scent is out then you just have a normal old dashboard bobble head. On the bright side that also means you can pick these up for close to nothing on most sites online now a days. Some of these have pretty much dropped off the face of the earth but stewie, quagmire, batman, and spiderman are still pretty common finds

Dino bobble bank

Dino bobble bank
Dino bobble bank

If you love the flinstones, you love bobble heads, and you need somewhere to store your change than this is what you need. Back in the day Funko used to have a little more functionality in some of their products. Coin banks, air fresheners, talking bobble heads, their was definitely some variety. This bank is probably one of the best from that time even when their was some stiff competition. Not only is it a bank, it is a very impressive 20 inches, almost 2 feet worth of coin bank bobbly goodness! How could anyone refuse such a handsome dinosaur?

Tom and Jerry double wobbler bank

Tom and jerry double wobbler
Tom and jerry double wobbler

Not the easiest funko collectible to find but certainly one of the coolest! 2 characters that both wobble and it also doubles as a bank! Pretty darn cool if you ask me. Any Tom and Jerry or old time cartoon fan would love to have this one in their collection. Unfortunately it isn't the easiest find anymore so it runs a pretty penny most places you can manage to find it. The ultimate fan would be more than happy to drop around $100 for such an awesome collectible though I'm sure.

Glow in the dark rat fink bank

Rat fink glow in the dark bank
Rat fink glow in the dark bank

I have been infatuated with this amazingly crazy rat creature since I first saw his original wacky wobbler. Howver, this one manages to improve in every way. It glows in the dark, it stores my loose change, and it just looks incredible. This is one I want for my personal collection but unfortunately due to the very limited availability on these they tend to run in the hundreds, so good luck and happy buying rat fink fans!


funko spider man and green goblin nodniks
funko spider man and green goblin nodniks

Nodniks are miniature wobblers that come in 2 packs and look incredible for how tiny they are. They aren't extremely common but there is still a decent amount of them that you can find floating around for a pretty modest price. Most of these sets online will run you around $20 dollars for the more common ones, with the more rare sets ranging from $40 dollars into the hundreds for virtually extinct sets. These are fun little collectibles for people who like their collections to vary in all shapes and sizes


Funko ironman tintastics
Funko ironman tintastics

While these fine sets aren't nearly as close to extinction as the others on this list, they are still quite often overlooked. Funko still kicks some of these out from time to time and the older ones can be found on ebay and amazon with relative ease but they are just awesome to have around. These little activity sets are great for kids or collectors and that where the charm of the tintastics really comes in. They come with two mini pop figures pencils and coloring/sticker pages based on the tins theme. Not bad considering how cheap you can pick these up.

Why no pops?

So I am sure people are wondering why I did not put pops on the list and honestly its for the simple fact that I wanted to make this a list that showed people something different or at least sparked their interest a little. I have quite a pop selection going myself but it doesn't matter if it is the most common pop around or the rarest of the rare, EVERYONE knows about it. I don't want to take something people are seeing in every on line article or on the shelf of their local walmart every day, I want to give people the information on collectibles they didn't know about and may now want to add to their collection.

What is your favorite funko product?

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