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Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

Updated on September 22, 2015

Minecraft is one of the world's most popular video games that continues to capture new fans from each generation. One of the best things that people love about Minecraft is their ability to build different structures that they can use during the course of the game. Since Minecraft made its way into the public, people everywhere have been creating some really unique and amazing buildings, houses and even cities. The following information will describe some of the really cool things that people can build in Minecraft.

Cities and Metropolitan Areas

Cities and Metropolitan Areas Players can build modern metropolitan areas and huge cities in Minecraft. Once a person logs onto the special servers that support these huge cities they will be able to add their own buildings and edifices. Cities are also constructed with streets, traffic lights, highways, parks and different sections of town.




Large Farms and Agricultural Areas

People can perform some basic mod farming techniques in Minecraft to build up a huge farming community or agricultural area. They can use a mod farming guide to create their farming community complete with barns, fields and markets. They can also breed animals as livestock for their farming area.

Create Ancient and Fantasy Wonders

People can also build fantastic ancient monuments and fantasy-based wonders. An buildings and structures such as the pyramids of Egypt, the Hanging Towers of Babylon and the Roman Colossium have and can be created on Minecraft servers. Structures and sites from fantasy movies and books can also be recreated as well. Minas Tirth and the Mines of Moria are featured places in the Lord of the Rings series. These places have been designed in Minecraft and other fantasy sites are available from Games of Thrones.

Sky Fortresses

Players can build a sky fortress in Minecraft. Players will have to start this fortress by building a tower. Once their tower has been constructed they can then begin to work on their fortress. A player's sky home can be made in any way that they desire. They just have to take the time to build it in the right way.

Minecraft Mini-games

Players can produce mini-games in Minecraft. One such game is Sonic the Hedgehog and it looks like a real world version of the game. Players can also play games such as skywars. The mini-games take skill to produce but once they have been designed a player will be able to enjoy a dynamic mini-game creation.

SkyWars map
SkyWars map | Source

Other cool structures in Minecraft include:

  • spaceships
  • rockets
  • mansions.
  • space station
  • dragon
  • movie sets
  • anything from real-life

Hope you like these minecraft building ideas. Let me know what you like to build in the comments below!


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