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Cool Water Balloon Launchers and Games

Updated on October 26, 2012

Looking for some cool balloon games? With summer just around the corner, water balloon games are a perfect way to spend a hot summer afternoon outdoors. Here are some of the top water balloon games .

For all the cool balloon games, the first thing you will need is a water balloon launcher. There are several great deals on water balloon launchers available online for water balloon games. An all-time favorite water balloon game is trying to see who can hit a bull’s eye. First set up a target – you can use a tree, a wall, or you can just create a target on the ground with duct tape. If you have a long-range water balloon launcher, you can set your target up to 100 yards away! If you have a group of people, you can divide into teams. Then, launch away and see who can hit the bull’s eye. Just be careful and don’t hit people with the water balloons; if you have a long-range launcher, it can be pretty powerful.

Another fun water balloon game, if you have a larger group, such as a family reunion, is Water Balloon Olympics. There are three events in water balloon Olympics – speed, distance and accuracy. In the Speed event, the goal is to see which team can launch the most water balloons in the 3 minutes. In the Distance event, the winning team is the team that launches the water balloons the farthest distance. The goal of final event, Accuracy, is to get closest to the bull’s eye. For each event, gives 15 points to the winner, 10 points to the second place and 5 points to third place. After all events are completed, the person with the most points wins. Be sure to bring prizes for the winner. It might also be fun to have medals for the winners. Of course, you can add whatever events to the water balloon Olympics you want. It’s really just about having fun with family. You can also consider playing in teams or having “leagues” based on age. The fun with water balloon games is that everyone, of any age, can have a blast playing.

The only downside to water balloon games is trying to keep up with the demand for filled water balloons. You will want to make sure you have plenty of balloons on-hand. If you are looking for a good water balloon launcher, here are some to consider. The Water Sports 80083 Marine Balloon Launcher is a three person launcher that will provide hours of outdoor fun for everyone ages 5 and up. The set includes a long-range launcher, a balloon filling nozzle and 72 biodegradable balloons and instructions. The Packerland Toys & Sports Water Balloon Sling Shot is a fan-favorite water balloon launcher with great customer reviews. The Packerland is also a three-person launcher and comes complete with 1 slingshot, a heavy duty canvas pouch, 1 easy filler nozzle, and 1 package of 72 bio-degradable water balloons.

Whatever launcher you decide, be prepared for hours of fun playing water balloon games. You are going to have a blast.


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