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Cotton Farming Tips, Order and Chaos

Updated on April 1, 2017
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Melody is a gaming enthusiast who loves playing apps. She has played OAC for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around and mount hunting.

Cotton is a cloth found in Tear Coast that is used for tailoring. It also become popular to farm doing events.

Cotton is used between 100 and 200 tailoring. It is used in combination with high quality armor scraps.

It drops from humanoids everywhere in the Tear Coast. This meansenemies who resemble humans, and walk on two feet, drop cotton.

This includes the skeletons and fish folk in the region. When you farm it is best to pick one group and farm them. Wondering around to different zones will slow you down considerably.

My personal favorite spot is Silent Castle. The entire area is a picking ground for cotton. Plus, it can support a large number of farmers, in the case of event.

There are many other great cotton farming spots in this zone, some with some unusual characteristics.

When you farm cotton look for an area with enough enemies to keep you moving quickly. Make sure to have an empty bag. Remember that you can go in a circle, returning to the first you killed.

Create a pattern where you can down enemies quickly and the cotton will follow.

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Where to farm cotton? In silent Castle.
Where to farm cotton? In silent Castle. | Source

Silent Castle

If you were to ask the question, "Whereis the best place to farm cotton?", 90% of the time you would get the answer, " Silent Castle".

I also happen to agree that it is the best place to farm cotton. It is also the best place to farm high quality armor scraps. But this commentary is about the best way to go about farming cotton.

The Silent Castle is located in northeastern Tear Coast. unfortunately, there is not a teleporter close to this location. There are many ways to get there, but I'm just going to tell you the easiest way.


  • Teleport to Bellshoal
  • Take the Kings Road West to the East. The Kings Road West is the name of the road.
  • Skip the two roads to the right (south), and take the first left (north).
  • Follow this road to the Silent Castle.

As you pass a man named Aztar Midmind, you will begin to encounter the enemies to drop cotton.

Everything from this point on will drop cotton for you. You have many choices of enemies to choose between.

Enemies who drop cotton:

  • Cankered Destroyer - lvl 17 (zombies)
  • Cankered Straggler - lvl 17 (skeleton)
  • Cankered Warrior - lvl 17 (armored skeleton)
  • Screaming Harpies - lvl 18 (When you kill them be at least 10 meters away when a guy or you get stunned)
  • Screaming Banshee - lvl 18

South Pearl Beach cotton farming
South Pearl Beach cotton farming | Source

South Pearl Beach

If you are leveling crafting as you go, and level 17 is a bit out of your reach, then South Pearl Beach is the next best location.

There are not as many enemies in this location. There are three sets of pirates which can be farmed for cotton and high quality armor scraps.

To get there:

  • Teleport to Bellshoal.
  • Take Kings Road West out of Town to the east.
  • Take the first right.

This take you directly to the beach. When you get there, one group of pirates will be to your left. Another group is straightforward by the shore. And the other group is to the south along the shore.


  • Snook Buccanear Duelist - lvl 13
  • Snook Buccanear Piolet - lvl 13
  • Captain Snook Forest - ellite lvl 15

Farming cotton south of salty wind.
Farming cotton south of salty wind. | Source

South of Salty Wind

There is a great place to farm cotton south of Salty Wind Village. With this one, you are in luck. Salty Wind has a teleport, and the farming spot is nearby.

There is a fish folkfolk camp to the south of town. The fish folk are higher level than the other two, but they have good drop rate and there are lot of fish to kill.


  • Teleport to Salty Wind
  • As you're leaving the town head right, down the hill
  • At the road take another right, you are now heading south

You will swim through some water. When the road divides continue to head straight.

At this point you will be entering the fish folk camp. There is a chest in this camp which drops low level care, which is kind of uncommon.


  • Tear Wave Robbers - lvl 18
  • Tear Wave Summoners - lvl 18
  • Tear Wave Warriors - lvl 18

Farming Cotton in OAC, video guide

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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