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Counter Strike Global Offensive Product Review and Recommendation

Updated on July 5, 2016

Product Recommendation: ESEA, CEVO, and FaceIt

Product Recommendations

There are a few product recommendations that I would suggest to either new users or experienced users looking to improve in the game of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. The three products that I recommend are ESEA, CEVO, and FaceIt. They each offer different things to users; one of them being, a difference in skill gap between their normal users.


The first product I would like to take a look at is FaceIt. Their interface is very easy for new users to get the hang of and find the buttons needed to be clicked in order to begin playing with people all over the world. Unlike CEVO and ESEA, it does not require installation of any software on your computer, making it that much easier to play on. Due to the fact that it is much easier to play on than the other products makes it the product of choice for the newer players. If you are a new player looking to get into the competitive aspect of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I suggest taking a look at what FaceIt is offering. They have recently upgraded their North American servers in order to bring the best product to their customers and it is completely free. They have many free tournaments going on everyday that will reward you FaceIt points to buy hardware. Also, organizations put on free tournaments that offer hardware and sometimes money as prizes to the winning team. In order to join the more prestigious tournaments as well as a chance to play with other pros, they do offer a monthly package for roughly $10 a month that will give you unlimited access to what FaceIt has to offer its customers.


CEVO would be next on the hierarchy for Counter-Strike products to try. CEVO stands for Cyber Evolution and it was brought to North America with the sole reason of competing against ESEA for supremacy in the North American market of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. The CEVO website is a bit confusing at first but once you get the hang of it and find where the software can be downloaded it, it is much easier to use. Once the software is downloaded, you can start playing by launching it and looking through the plethora of servers they have available for joining. The software provides a lot of information for the user such as how many players are in the game currently, their skill level, where the server is located at, and what map it is on or whether the users are waiting for all 10 people to join and the subsequent map vote. The players on CEVO tend to be a little better than the average gamer on FaceIt servers. Due to this fact, I would suggest more experienced players play on CEVO. The ranks generally range from Nova two to Legendary Eagle Master with Legendary Eagle Master being an exceptional player on CEVO. CEVO is growing at a fast pace and will soon rival ESEA for top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive service. Much like FaceIt, CEVO is free to use for all users and they do offer tournaments monthly for free to their users. A user does have the choice to pay roughly $10 a month for perks such as server admin and a ranking system in which to put the user and advanced game play statistics. As a server administrator, the user is able to kick a player for being a detriment to the team in the case of racism, 'trolling', body blocking, and general verbal abuse.


The users of ESEA are by far the best players that North America has to offer. I would only suggest highly skilled and experienced players to start using ESEA as it can be a very toxic environment for sub par players because the users take the game very seriously. I would suggest a matchmaking rank of Legendary Eagle Master to The Global Elite to start using ESEA and joining a team in which to compete against ten thousand users each season in either the Open, Intermediate, Main, Premier, or Professional division. ESEA will cost slightly less than CEVO and FaceIt because they have a much higher player-base in which to garner the needed money for the server overhead and salaries of employees; ESEA will cost you roughly $8 a month to play against top competition and see yourself get better each month with their advanced statistics that are tracked every game. E-Sports Entertainment Association League is an esports competitive video game community that is leading the industry in competitive league play. It is commonly known within the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community that they are highly touted for their anti-cheat software as well as highly-skilled pool of players. If a player is looking to become one of the best in the game of Counter-Strike, they must join the ESEA community and begin playing with other driven players. ESEA features a system in which players can queue up for a variety of maps (I listed most of them in a previous blog post) and go head to head against five other players in a pick-up game. ESEA began creating guides and instructions for users to improve within Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Warcraft III. E-Sports Entertainment Association League created their first professional fantasy e-sports league in 2004 which began with the game of Counter-Strike. They then added Team Fortress 2 to their league play a short while after. Within these leagues currently, users can compete within the Open, Intermediate, Main, Premier, and Professional divisions. The Professional division as well as the best Premier teams are made up of organizations that pay their players a monthly salary in which to compete while using their name. The current Season 22 of ESEA league features over 5,000 users competing toward one goal of improving and winning. ESEA features a full length season of 16 games over the course of 8 weeks during the regular season and a single-elimination bracket of playoffs. A tab at the top of this blog will go into further details on the E-Sports Entertainment Association League.


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