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Cow Collectibles

Updated on March 12, 2011

Cow Figurines and Collectibles

Every time I've known a person who loved cow collectibles, they had a serious love for cows. They had cow towels, cow clocks and cow figures of all sizes all over the house. Those are fun homes to go into because you never know where you'll spy a cow peeking around a corner. Even the bathroom often carries on the theme, tying the entire house together with a bit of fun. If you're into cows, you may have a similar collection. If not, here are a few suggestions for getting your house cow happy in no time.

Cow Sheets and Towels

Cow sheets aren't just for cribs and toddler beds. If you love cows, you can sleep with cuddly cows any time you choose if you have cow sheets on your beds. Plenty of adults like cows and want to see them on their lines, and they are of course cute on a child's bed. For older kids, they are funny and cute to snuggle up to. For babies, they are something interesting to focus on when waking. Plenty of adorable cow themed items exist for babies, including crib bedding, wall hangings and rugs.

Cow towels can be harder to find, but it is possible to find cow kitchen towels and cow washcloths for children. These are cute little touches that add a little bit of cow happiness to your day.

Cow Figurines

Cow figurines are certainly a normal part of any true cow lover's home. Cow figurines can be a subtle way to decorate a home, such as a small, metallic cow that is given a place of honor. Other cow collectors like smaller cows to peek out from the potted plants and books on the shelf. Many homes have an outdoor cow made from metal, terra cotta or porcelain.

Cow figurines can be hyper-realistic, looking like a real, tiny cow is just grazing there on the shelf, or they can be caricatures that have cute faces, funny facial expressions or exaggerated features. All of these cow figurines can brighten the day of a cow collector, and small cow figurines don't take up much space inside a home.

These are often the best opportunity for a cow fan to show off just what they love about these animals. They can choose realistic, funny, sad, giant, tiny, colorful, monochromatic or any other type of cow figures that they want. If you know someone who loves them, these are one of the best gifts of all. If you want to choose something elegant, take a look at small pewter or crystal cows. Yes, they do exist!

Cow Toys for Kids and Adults

A stuffed cow is something that anyone of any age can enjoy. With a stuffed cow, it can be displayed on a shelf or given a quick hug during a bad day. They look cute on a bed during the day and make special gifts for kids and for new babies. Their cuddliness gives them appeal for both kids and adults, and they make a great gift to adult cow fans as well.

For kids, small stuffed cows, cow books, cow puzzles and small farm sets are fun ways to play and learn a little about these gentle creatures. Some kids enjoy cow figurines as much as adults do, and some prefer more interactive cow toys. There are pull toys that feature a cow on a string to pull around, mooing toys that moo at the touch of a button and other great toys that offer you the opportunity to introduce these gentle creatures to kids.


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