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Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

Updated on March 3, 2014

Crafting Points

During the game you will earn skill points that can be used in multiple area's. At this time no exact amount of points have been published by ESO, although it is speculated that there will be between 250-300 points available in game for those that want to earn them. How do you earn points? This is done by various ways, such as finding three skyshards in random areas will earn you 1 point, leveling earns 1 point, and general game play can sometimes give points for specific achievements.

Once you earn a point you can select the crafting ability you want to increase and place the point in that ability. For example say that alchemy was what you were focused on at the moment, the game allows you to put a point in keen eye, which then makes alchemy materials glow when you get close to them so they are easier to find when exploring. There are other options that give improve what you crafting, how many you craft at once, and so on. Currently you will need to place between 19-24 points in a crafting ability to master it.

Types of Crafting in ESO

Every MMO game since the beginning has allowed player's to craft items that are helpful in getting through the game. ESO is no different in that aspect; however, they do stand out considerably in the exploration you are encouraged to do to gather materials for crafting. I personally spent a few hours this past beta weekend just gathering materials simply because with exploration, I found many interesting places, chest, and wildlife that was very engaging and even sometimes challenging. ESO allowed us to gather materials for the following crafting abilities.

There are six general professions:
Provisioner (cooking)- allows to create different food items that adds buffs to your character.
Enchanter – Adds special buffs to your items, such as improved Magicka, stamina, health etc.
Blacksmith – Crafting Heavy Armor, and Weapons.
Clothing – creates light and medium armor items.
Alchemist – creates different potions that help restore your health, stamina, and Magicka.
Woodworking - creates staff's and bows.

The great thing about ESO, which some may be used to from other MMO's is you can craft anything and everything; however, in order to become a master crafter in each area, you must add skill points to the crafting abilities you want to master. So far it is only recommended that you master two crafts on characters you plan to use for Player vs Player(PVP) combat and run Player vs environment (PVE) raids with.

How to Craft Items

In order to craft and item, you must first go out into the world and gather materials. This is done mostly through exploration; however, some items are found from searching objects like baskets, chest, and gathering food from homes, other items are gained from wildlife you take down. It is said at higher levels you will even gain rare materials from places like dungeon's and adventure zones, this is yet to be tested by me. Once you have enough materials you will find a crafting station located in each city and special area's of the map, and this will allow you to pull up a crafting menu and then you can craft, extract, improve, and research items. Each item you craft improves your crafting level until you reach the maxed level, which is currently 50.

Crafting Item
Crafting Item
Improving item
Improving item
Extracting Item
Extracting Item
Researching Item
Researching Item

Crafting, Improving, Extracting, and Researching items

Crafting Interface
There are several different options for Primary Ingredient, Secondary Ingredient, and for Additives. The Primary and Secondary Ingredients are the main and are used to create an item itself. Additives are not essential but can be used to give your item extra properties. Different combinations of additives will give you different results. For example one trait give an enhancement more power, or faster regeneration.

Improving Items
You can improve an Item that you got from a drop or crafted, all gear can be improved on. You will notice next to the create item tab is a symbol for improvement. You first select this then add the item you want to improve. Here you will notice that to improve the item from white to green hemming is needed, 5 hemming guarantee the item will upgrade. Less than 5 and you have a percentage of upgrading that item, if it fails you lose the item.

Extracting an item refines it if it is a raw material that you found in the world. Extracting gear will give you materials used to make that gear, no it will not give you everything but it gives you some of the materials back. Typically with raw materials you need 10 raw materials before you can refine them. You use the refined materials to craft the items you want to make. For example extracting 10 raw jute will give you jute, x amount of jute is used to create the item you are crafting. Also notice by the screen shot that hemming was given out from extracting an item, this is the only way I have found so far to get hemming.

You research an item to learn a specific trait you want to add to that item. For example if you research a great sword with increased weapon enchantment effect, all the great swords you make can now have that trait added. Unfortunately you can not research it and then add it to an axe or other item, it can only be used for every great sword you craft. So you would need to find that trait on multiple items if you wanted to craft that ability on multiple gear or weapons. In order to craft an item with a trait you have learned you will need a stone that allows for that trait to be used.

What is the point in crafting in an MMO?

The purpose of crafting is to allow players to get the best gear for getting through the content. For example many RPG's that have crafting make it so your constantly gathering materials but rarely craft with them because the gear you get from different area's is sufficient to clear the content. In an MMO, crafting normally adds benefits to the top gear, improving your abilities in a group. For instance if your a tank type character, top gear allows you to control mobs and take more damage, putting less work on your healer. The better the gear the easier it is to get through some of the content at the top levels, making crafters a very valuable asset to an MMO. It is also common in MMO's that basic gear is not adequate enough to clear the top content, making it necessary to get the better gear to clear area's of the game. Don't get me wrong gear does not mean you will automatically clear specific area's, skill level plays a big factor as well; however, to low of gear and all the skill in the world won't help you.

Crafting in ESO

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In conclusion, ESO has given players and interactive crafting system that encourages use and a feeling of accomplishment in game. It is clear that the developers have thought out what they wanted to do to keep players interested in crafting and put time into developing it. Crafting gear allows you to improve your own abilities as well as others, not to mention what you don't use can be sold to the vendor to improve your gold situation. Crafting itself was not challenging; however, finding some of the materials and having to clear mobs around some of the materials was very engaging at times. The game is not all about crafting by any means it is just one small part of the game content that players can expect to interact with. Gathering items started within the first ten minutes of the game, and within twenty minutes you can start crafting items. The developers have promised to keep crafting a valuable part of this game, meaning they will constantly look for new ways to keep it interested, and make sure that top gear will be able to be improved on by crafters. This is a very refreshing thought considering some MMO's out have completely alienated their crafting systems at top level.


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